15 Hair Problems That Men Don’t Understand

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There are a lot of everyday things about being a woman that men just do not understand. To be fair, it’s largely because they don’t deal with it, but also we hide from them how much work it takes to make ourselves look like human beings on a daily basis.

Or maybe that’s just me, with a baby who’s not sleeping and a book deadline that’s fast approaching.

Either way, the majority of men will not understand these 15 problems that women face every day when examining their hair in the mirror.

15. It honestly never fails. And yet I still cut my hair.

14. Oh, the horror that is the mirror at the beauty salon post-wash

13. Once again, Hollywood is a liar

12. Every three days. Heh.

11. I don’t see the issue here

10. Also, hormones. They are my sworn enemy.

9. Okay, but surely I’m not the only one who ignores the drain monster until a plumber is needed

8. Strange but true

7. Curly girl probs

6. I make that exact face when I find hair in my butt crack

5. “Greasy onion” is perhaps the most apt description of this I have ever seen

4. Especially the last one

3. We loves the preciousssssss

Photo Credit: Tumblr, lisapopescu

2. That smile tho. HAHAHAHA.

1. “Yeah it’s cool, my neck totally bends that way”