15 Photos Of Families And Their Daily Struggles

Families are great, but if you spend enough time around the same people, eventually things are gonna get ugly. Here are 15 families who may never truly know the meaning of the word “peace.”

1. That’s cold.

Photo Credit: Reddit: knights0825

2. “Weight” right here…

Photo Credit: Reddit: oldhornyslut

3. It’s all fun and games ’til a claw grabs your head.

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Nothing to see here…

Photo Credit: Imgur: chopthebass

5. “Hey, sis, mind if I toot my own horn?”

Photo Credit: Reddit: gursmo7

6. It’s a puppy swirley.

Photo Credit: Reddit: DJM30w

7. “Thought we could trust my brother in the bath by himself for half an hour.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Angelalala4

8. “Congrats internet, look what you did. This is my gift from my 12-year-old brother.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: dillpickles16

9. “Barely.”

10. “My sister said all she wanted for Christmas was cash…So naturally I suspended $20 worth of change in Jell-O.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: KSU1899

11. Good advice.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @enzocomics

12. Sometimes you have to take drastic measures…

Photo Credit: Imgur: briedis

13. “Yep, I promise yours is plugged in…”

Photo Credit: Imgur: CoolHandRK

14. “My niece came to visit. My dog resigned herself to her fate.”

Photo Credit: Reddit: Sun-Anvil

15. “Every time I fall asleep my brother steals my laptop and somehow logs on and takes pictures on my webcam.”

Photo Credit: Imgur: jaeseabean