15 High Fashion Designs That Are Way Out of the Box

There are people in the world who pay no attention to high fashion (even if they follow the trends once they reach the plebs), and there are people who absolutely love to see what each designer puts on the runway for the new season.

No matter which you are, I think we can all agree that fashion is also a form of art, and therefore usually has something to say.

When it comes to these 15 designs, though, the jury is still out as to what – Instagram account @hintmag is bringing us the absolute weirdest things on the runway.

15. Y’all I want to be kind.

But this is absolutely horrible.


14. I don’t know where to look first.

And I kind of feel like I shouldn’t look at any of it?


13. I actually love this.

I would have nowhere to wear it, obviously, but still.


12. The gold is stunning.

What if your assets don’t fit in there, though?


11. This is made from recycled ocean plastics.

Sensible AND beautiful. What more could you want?


10. This is as fabulous as it is bizarre.

Those shoes are to die for.


9. I do love hydrangea.

That gold neck thing looks like a dog’s cone, though.


8. Not your basic black.

Those sequins really make it pop.


7. The shoe fits either foot.

There’s some kind of metaphor there, I think.


6. When you want to hide in a garment bag.

And honestly, who hasn’t?


5. 100% I would wear this.

It’s full of secrets.


4. This isn’t for Casual Friday.

This makes a statement.


3. If a 2yo girl designed a dress.

This would be her dream.


2. How is she not cracking up wearing these?

I would not be able to manage.


1. Can one sit in this? Drive?

I’m thinking it’s just a standing dress.


It’s almost like they’re pulling our legs, but we know we’re not expected to actually read that. Right?

Have you ever seen someone actually wearing something like this in real life? Tell us the story in the comments!