17 of the Craziest Professional Fashion Outfits You Ever Did See

As an artist, I 100% support the idea that fashion is art, and is one way that human beings (not just designers) express who they are on a daily basis.

As a human being who doesn’t really get fashion, I stare in wonder – sometimes horrified, sometimes impressed – at the outfits that sometimes parade down a runway.

Which is why I’m in love with the instagram account @hintmag, which finds the absolute wildest pieces of art/fashion and puts them online.

Please, enjoy.

17. This is a real pain in the heel.

Nailed it.


16. These are beautiful.

I’m a little confused about who loves lungs that much, though?


15. These are something else.

Make sure and scroll through them all.


14. Is she…a potato?

I’m open to other options.


13. I don’t need my bag to be looking at me.

There are enough things who shame me the way it is.


12. Once you’re bored of the dress you can have breakfast.

For like, a few months straight.


11. Just pop this on for your partner’s work party.

Everyone will be talking.


10. You’re warm and fabulous.

As long as it’s winter, you’re good to go.


9. My kids would wear this in a hot second.

I probably would, too, ngl.


8. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “sweater puppies.”

Or maybe it’s just the same meaning. Hmm.


7. That’s definitely a conversation starter.

I’m not going to guess what sort of chats you’re going to have, though.


6. It’s a table! It’s a skirt!

It’s luggage! It’s a dress!


5. Got something to say?

Wear it right on your sleeve.


4. Why sleep in your tent when you can be the tent.

Just skip a step.


3. Yes, give me my space.

Now I don’t even have to ask.


2. Now this is an idea I can get behind.

No more short/tall people shaming!


1. A built in, matching mask.

Who would have guessed how attractive that would become?


Sometimes I can’t tell if these designers are just messing with us, to be honest.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever seen someone wearing? Tell us about it in the comments!