14 People Share What They Love Most About Their Work

You know how when your friends tell you about their relationships or marriages, they only tend to really let it out when bad stuff is happening? As a result, it can seem like nothing is good or nothing is going right at home, because no one thinks to gush when things are going well.

Similar things happen with our work and our jobs, I think – we need to vent when the chips are down, but we don’t really think to tell people what we love, why we chose that profession in the first place, or how much fulfillment it gives us most of the time.

Here’s your chance to really listen to the positives, though, as 14 people share the things they love most about going to work.

14. All in a day’s work.

A very good day, at any rate.

13. It’s nice to know you can fix something.

It’s a sense of peace in the chaos.

12. Computer code travels far and wide.

And he kind of gets to go with it.

11. Just think of how much time we all spend in bed!

And empowering women is quite the bonus.

10. They’re little moments in time.

And thanks to you, we won’t forget them.

9. I guess those could be considered upsides.

I mean…they’re not downsides.

8. Understanding people is the work of a lifetime.

Inspiring women can be done today.

7. At its core.

Definitely a noble profession.

6. Not all politics is icky.

Get to work and find out for yourself!

5. When you put it that way…

Definitely a passion project.

4. I’m glad people are fighting the good fight.

Otherwise money would win out even more than it already does.

3. Helping people find access to healthcare.

I’m sure it breaks and warms their heart every single day.

2. Deep down, most people want to do their best.

That’s what I think, anyway.

1. Keeping the world running behind the scenes.

I’m sure this is immensely satisfying.

Soak up the good stuff, people!

Share with us in the comments your favorite things about your job – we want to hear more!