Jobs and employers can be one of those things in life where people only tend to talk about the downsides. They complain about the jobs that wear them down, the bosses who treat them like cogs instead of human beings, and the hours and duties that break their backs in exchange for a pittance in their bank account.

It’s important, I think, for people to also talk about the things they love about their jobs, so that people know it’s possible and even important to expect some sort of satisfaction at work.

If you’re wondering what great jobs are out there and why people love them, these 16 people’s tweets might open your eyes.

16. Words definitely matter, and so does the ability to escape.

You’ll never know when the right words could save someone’s life.

Image Credit: Twitter

15. No one should be left behind.

At least that’s the goal, right?

14. Sharing a meal is integral to the human experience.

Everyone should be able to afford it.

13. It’s so energizing to get into a room with like minds.

This is true for all professions, I think.

12. Teaching at its best.

Why so many teachers keep going despite the downsides.

11. Education is so powerful.

You’re actually changing how people see the world.

10. The power to transform your world.

And reclaim your time.

9. For people who love puzzles…

Really complicated puzzles that are constantly evolving.

8. Food plays so many roles in our society.

Each and every one of them is important.

7. Not all lawyers hate their jobs.

I suppose it depends on the type of lawyer, but still.

6. At its core.

It’s why they do what they do.

5. Heartbreaking but necessary.

I’m sure so many families don’t know what they would do without them.

4. If you can find the personal reward…

Your world will vastly improve.

Image Credit: Reddit

3. Art has the ability to change the world.

One mind at a time.

2. They’re something of a dying breed.

But they definitely should not be.

1. They might not get the glory, but…

We know there are always strong foundations beneath every splashy find.

The goal should always to be able to find more good than bad.

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