People Share the Times Graphic Designers Should Have Done a Final Check

OK, fine, I know most of the people who designed and posted these signs weren’t created by actual graphic designers, but isn’t anyone who puts together a sign for public consumption technically just that?

If everyone took that mindset, the world would be a lot less weird and confusing…but maybe that would be a bad thing. After all, these 9 signs totally cracked me up, and you can’t put a price on that.

9. Is this meant to help children learn?

Because I kind of think it might have the opposite effect.

Today, i’ts doudy
byu/v4nadium inkeming

8. That’s quite a versatile behind.

How do I get one of those? Squats?

Inside the booklet that came with my Polaroid Sunglasses
byu/Zipvex143258 inkeming

7. You’ve gotta love a smarta$$ boss.

There is no better sort.

[Intentionally Bad] My friend is a creative director and bought these for to give to his team when they earn it
byu/quasifandango inkeming

6. Maybe the burn is on your bum.

I’m not here to judge.

Bum gel
byu/DavinMiler inkeming

5. I find that sexist, Sir.

May I please see the Women U?

no u
byu/gregoriusa inkeming

4. Well, now that earworm is changed forever.

You’re welcome?

The Final Countdown.
byu/ashthundercrow inkeming

3. So many Arkansas jokes.

Or maybe Kentucky. I’m restraining myself.

I just stumbled upon this subreddit which is crazy because I discovered and showed all my friends this yesterday.
byu/lebuttit inkeming

2. I’m not sure what’s up with the spacing of ‘Tuesday.”

But honestly, I have a whole lot of questions about this entire list.

byu/-FoundingFathers- inkeming

1. That is a terrible hashtag.

Not exactly the goal when it comes to social media.

Not sure if I’d want to consume it that way
by inkeming

Proofreaders are a thing that exist, and you don’t even have to pay them – a friend or family member will do!

But you know what… you should pay them! Because they can save you a LOT of pain and sorrow. And maybe your job.

What’s the funniest example of this you’ve seen in real life? Tell us about it in the comments!