14 People Discuss the Fashion Trends They Really Don’t Like

I’ve seen some pretty funny and embarrassing fashion trends in my day…

HyperColor t-shirts, enormous JNCO pants, tight-rolling your jeans, etc.

And the big one that sticks out now to me is how young hipster types in their twenties are now dressing in awful clothes from the early 1990s. I’m talking about Vuarnet France t-shirts, fanny packs, colorful shorts…it’s just really terrible if you ask me…

What fashion trends do you really not like?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Enough with the toes.

“Peep-toed shoes. Who thought showing off your big toe and maybe the one next to it looked good?!

Drives me up the wall when they do it to boots, because they’ve defeated the purpose of keeping my feet warm.

Congratulations, you look like a fancy hobo.”

2. Brutal.

“A lot of Gen Z fashion is dressing like a boomer at a cook out.

Chunky shoes with mom jeans, the largest t shirt you can find, and a bucket hat??

Idk guess I’m old now, LOL.”

3. Unflattering.

“Not sure what fashion trends are hot at the moment in other countries or cities but here in Dublin, Ireland, cycling shorts are having a moment and they look hideous.

It’s mostly younger women, teenagers and women in their early 20s – the kind of people who have the figures to pull off such an unforgiving item of clothing…yet they don’t look good at all on any of them.

They wear them with heels mostly – all dressed up on the top half like they are going out clubbing then, on the bottom half, cycling shorts and heels.

I just do. not. get. it! It’s such an unflattering look and it also looks ridiculous.”

4. Still around!

“Still has to be guys with their pants falling down and their underwear showing.

How in the world did THAT ever become fashionable?”

5. They’re back!

“The 1980s is back.

I lived through it & didn’t like it.

Now I watch my 20 yr daughter loving it.”

6. You been dumpster diving?

“Wearing ripped clothes that cost you your whole salary but it looks like you borrowed them from a homeless person.”

7. Free advertising.

“Wearing a billboard.

For example I saw someone today in a bright red coca cola shirt, literally just a huge block of text with “coca cola”. Why do you pay money to purchase a shirt to advertise for someone?

They had a matching red laces and a purse so it’s not like they pulled some random promo shirt on a laundry day.”

8. Creepy.

“The kids clothes are hyper gendered before they have even gone through puberty and in many cases are smaller and slimmer fit for girls, s**ualizing them at as young as baby age.

Let’s let the kids dress like the mother loving kids that they are!!”

9. Where’s the back?

“Women’s sweaters that are completely normal in the front but the back is nonexistent.

Either a super deep v, or connected at the neck and wide open the rest of the way down.

Why would I choose a sweater, but want my entire back exposed???”

10. Think of your future!

“Excessive face tattoos.

Call me old, but since Trap music became a thing, the face tattoos seem to have exploded.”

11. Cheap knock-offs.

“Women’s sports apparel thats not just a smaller version of the men’s (i.e. smaller hockey jerseys), but a tight fake looking version.

Or the ones with weird colors or frigging rhinestones.”

12. Oh yuck.

“Sweaters with a hoodie but short sleeves.

They’re popular but I really don’t like them.

Why wear a sweater if you’re not going to cover your entire upper body?”

13. Come on, guys!

“I’m disappointed that at some point in the last 30 years, bright colors were suddenly not something guys wanted.

It’s so hard to find any clothes that aren’t grey, black or some muted color.

While women get to strut around in real yellows, pinks and blues, I’m over here wondering which shade of grey I should wear out to dinner.”

14. No middle ground.

“Women’s fashion is either ‘young teen, perfect body’ or ‘middle aged mum/office worker’.

As a 27 year old I find it SO difficult to find an outfit I like where I don’t look like I’m either dressed completely inappropriately or in something from my mom’s wardrobe!”

Do you really dislike some fashion trends?

If so, tell us all about it in the comments.

We can’t wait!