Person Asks if They’re a Jerk for Keeping Track of the Clothes Their Friends Wear

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AITA for keeping track of the outfits my friends wear?

“A habit I’ve had for almost three years now is that everyday, I write down a description of the outfits my friends are wearing.

I do this with my friends because I go to school with them and I see them every weekday. The exception of when I’ve done this is when school was virtual and over summers and breaks. I’ve had the same friends for a while, so I have data on some of them dating back to when I started doing this.

I do this because, at first it was an experiment to see how often people repeat the outfits they wear. If I could find out that, then I could know how often it’s acceptable for me to repeat an outfit. Then, it just became a habit and I like doing it.

It’s cool to see how their styles have changed over the years and sometimes I can predict what they’ll wear based on past data. I like the routine of it and I like going over my findings. My friends have never known I’ve done this.

I had a friend over yesterday, and I went to the bathroom while she was left in my room. I keep all my data on google documents (I create a new document for the records each month) so I can easily copy and paste information into google sheets if I want to make some kind of a chart. I had left my computer open, and the document was pulled up in another tab. On the original tab, my friend and I had been watching YouTube.

My friend says she accidentally closed the tab and that’s how she found my document. She read through part of it and got upset. She told me that it’s weird, and now she’s told our other friends. They don’t care that much, but they definitely think it’s strange. They don’t know that I’ve been doing this for three years, they only know about the document I’ve had for this month.

I’m a little upset that my friend went through a document of mine, but I don’t think she was snooping, so I’m not upset with her. My friend says that it’s an invasion of privacy and creepy.

I don’t see why because it’s just an outfit, not something personal. Also, everyone sees her outfit when she leaves the house, so would it really be that different if I just remembered all their outfits? She asked me how I’d feel if she did this to me, but I’d like it if this happened to me and I’d think it’s cool and want to see the data, too.


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This reader stated the obvious: this kind of behavior is pretty odd, but that doesn’t mean the person who wrote the post is a jerk.

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This person brought up an interesting point: maybe the writer of the post is on the autism spectrum and that’s why they have this particular quirk?

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Another reader agreed with the previous person’s comments and said that an autistic family member used to do similar things. And they said that this person might want to look into a diagnosis.

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Finally, this person said that the writer is not an a**hole but also agreed that this may be a sign of Asperger’s or autism.

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