15 Hilariously Accurate Tweets About Trader Joe’s Parking Lots

©Wikimedia Commons

I don’t know why this is a nationwide phenomenon, but every Trader Joe’s parking lot I’ve ever been in has been tiny. I’m talking about a bumper-to-bumper obstacle course from which there is barely an escape route?

Do you know what I’m talking about here?

I think you do…and the people behind these tweets do, too…

1. Might want to stay away…


2. Sounds great!

3. I don’t think any of them do.


4. A good life plan.

5. You’re part of the problem, sir.

6. Sad, but true.

7. Did it actually happen?

8. People have died for that information.

9. That’s a first.

10. He’s probably not listening.

11. The impossible dream.

12. Right back at ya, Granny.

13. A bad situation made even worse.


14. The answer is “no.”

15. Gonna need a drink for this.

Does your local Trader Joe’s have a parking lot that is painfully tiny?

Let us know, please…we need to keep track of this stuff…