15 “Hocus Pocus” Jokes That Are Too Magical to Be Wrong

Halloween might be over, but our collective love for the movie Hocus Pocus endures all year round.

Sure, the nostalgia plays different with leaves crunching on the ground and spooky season all around but I, for one, would just like to say we can talk about the movie any old day of the year.

So why not today, with these 15 magical jokes fans aren’t going to want to miss.

14. When you see what they did there.

I always love a good title drop.


13. That’s how you get someone to come out.

Keeping that in mind for some day.

12. I feel like this might be true.

But also that she’s definitely in a position to do something about it?

11. Those kids need to learn how to tell time.

That’s how movies work, son.


10. It’s such an easy thing to do.

Save a life, people!

9. We really missed out.

Or maybe I just live in the wrong place.


8. Well I could watch that a bunch more times.

Anyone else?

7. When you put it that way…

It’s not quite as charming.

6. He doesn’t have friends.


5. It pops up like clockwork.

I’m not even mad.

4. This is such an 80s insult.

Literally no one cares now.

3. This meme is good for so many things.

It’s never going away.

2. Max you dummy.


1. If they get it, you know you’ve found your people.

It’s the fastest way to know.

I’m already ready for next autumn; anyone else?

What’s your favorite fall movie, and why is it Hocus Pocus? Sound off in the comments!