14 Photos That Sum Up What Social Media Can Really Be Like

Facebook is one of those things we love and hate, and something that many younger people eschew all together.

There are many days I envy those younger people, and not just for their ability to abandon toxic social media sites for greener pastures (even if they are being data mined by China).

If you’re one of us oldies still on Facebook, these 14 photos will remind you of all the reasons you wish you could hit that “delete profile” yourself.

14. Ah yes the casual misogyny.

Hilarious, is it not?


13. Why do they love Minions so much?

I mean, I’m not saying they’re not funny, but.


12. Facts are not for Facebook.

Also George Carlin would hate everything about this.

11. Ooh, don’t want to get the Attorney General involved.

I’m not sure this falls under his jurisdiction.

10. Bless his heart.

You gotta love Grandpa.

9. It’s like a really aggressive chain letter.

This person needs to learn brevity, though.


8. I sure wish there was some way to fix this.

Some way we haven’t thought of, I mean.

7. I don’t remember that from the movie.

Maybe they give old ladies a different version.


6. That does seem complicated.

I don’t like this trend, either.

5. I also don’t recall a Minion that looks like that.

Not that I’ve been objectifying them.


4. I’m pretty sure that was supposed to be a joke.

I’m right, aren’t I?

3. That text would unsettle me.

Please do not text me.


2. Literal is the name of the game.

Learn how to play it or go crazy.

1. I’m going to need to find my old Nintendo.

If only we could make that much.


I’m going to get off there one day, I swear.

Just like every addict everywhere, I’m lying…until the day I’m not.