Combine Two of Your Favorite Things with This Baby Yoda Succulent Planter

Image Credit: BoxLunch

Succulents are all the rage right now, because people are getting into plants, but also most of us still lack the ability to properly take care of plants.

Enter the succulent – it’s pretty, it’s small, and it’s really hard to kill. People really, really like them, y’all.

The only thing that might be more universally loved at the moment is Baby Yoda.

Image Credit: BoxLunch

Which is why, I presume, some marketing genius thought to slap the two things together – and, just to make things completely idiot-proof, the included succulent isn’t even alive, so you can’t kill it.

The package is made by BoxLunch and costs just $15 (the perfect office gift, or a gift for your daughter’s boyfriend or girlfriend, if you ask me), and even though it is fake, it doesn’t look like it if you don’t stare.

Image Credit: BoxLunch

And I mean, everyone is going to be staring at Baby Yoda anyway, not the plant behind him.

It’s small and will easily fit in your hand (or a bunch of stockings!), and it won’t take up much space on your desk (or wherever it is you’re working these days. Since it’s ceramic, it does have a little weight to it, so maybe it will even stop the papers from blowing off your desks when your kids run through the room (aren’t they supposed to be at Zoom school right now?).

Image Credit: BoxLunch

If you ask me, these are about the most perfect, small, kitschy gift you could give that would actually make people smile when they open them.

And who knows? Maybe you could even buy a real succulent and transplant it – if you dare.