15 Tweets That Remind Us Baby Yoda Has the Same Problems We All Do

Photo Credit: Twitter

Life doesn’t care if you’re cute. Even if you’re as adorable as Baby Yoda, AKA The Child from Disney +’s hit show, The Mandalorian, you’ve got the same problems as everyone else.

Recently, #BabyYodaProblems started trending, bringing us really funny, though complicated, scenarios that every one of us – Baby Yoda included – faces as we go about our daily lives. I mean, who hasn’t gotten their food delivered first while everyone else’s entrees remain conspicuously absent??

But do we look as cute as Baby Yoda as we deal? Probably not.

This is why Twitter was invented, my friends. To remind us that everyone has problems. Even The Child.

Scroll through these awkward situations to see you’re not the only one with issues.

1. What are we supposed to do when that happens?


2. At least they’ll be fresh.


3. It feels like that some days, doesn’t it…

4. Also #shortpeopleproblems.


5. It’s frustrating when you have to wait for a cocktail that looks like you.

6.  Ruh roh

7.  Someone give The Child a helmet.

8. That’s not how the game is played.


9.  Play nice, Baby Yoda.


10.  Bless his heart.

11. Someday, Baby Yoda, someday.

12. Happens to the best of us.

13. Can’t…reach.



15. You’ll get ‘em next time, Baby Yoda.

Look, we bring these tweets to your attention for a couple of reasons. One, to show you’re not alone – Even The Child feels awkward, socially anxious and ignored sometimes.

And, two, Baby Yoda is so darn cute that we need to see him as much as possible.