10 People Share Their Best Answer To ‘Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?’

Photo Credit: Pexels

Redditors are known to discuss all kinds of issues. A forum exists for nearly any topic you can think of, and many people often share anecdotes as they can vent, advise others, or seek advice.

Naturally, when someone asked, “What is the best response when a cop says ‘do you know why I pulled you over?'” many on Reddit chose to share a response. Some of them make sense, and others were simply hilarious or sarcastic.

Note: please don’t take any of these remarks as legal advice!

10. A lucky coincidence helped this Redditor.

“Got pulled over once for no apparent reason. Officer says he clocked me doing 70 in a 55. I had cruise control on at 59 and both my car and Google maps told me I was under 60. I gave him such an, “are you fucking stupid?” look. I’m not sure how it would have escalated, but at that exact moment my phone started screeching at me about an Amber Alert with a vehicle description similar to what I was driving. Things got cleared up pretty fast after that.”—MostlyChaoticNeutral

9. The German Perspective

“At least in germany you should always say no because otherwise whatever you did was intentionally. If you do it intentionallythe situation gets worse for you.”—MegaIngo

8. Paperwork can help you.

“In college one of my friends was Swiss-American. He had both an American and a Swiss drivers license. When pulled over for speeding, he would hand over the Swiss drivers license (which was a folded document the size of a high school diploma) and started with: “Was ist los, offizier?” (“What is wrong, officer?). Passengers were instructed to keep their mouth shut and smile like they didn’t comprehend anything.

100% effective. One cop just muttered “I wouldn’t even know how to fill out the paperwork.”’—mykepagan

7. Definitely don’t do this…

“‘This should clear up our little misunderstanding’ As I hand them my get out of jail free card from my wallet.”—averageredditcuck

6. Basically, play dumb.

“Well, if you don’t know, sir.. I’m afraid we’re both wasting our time.”—RubyKitsune

5. If you do as they do…

“I once got pulled over for speeding behind a cop. I told him that I noticed I was behind a police officer and assumed we were traveling at a safe speed. He said “it’s on me this time,” and I didn’t get a ticket.”—thecatbeans

4. In this case, the judge helped!

“So this story is about my mom when she was pregnant with me.

At 8 months pregnant, my mom has been suffering almost constant migraines that make her so nauseous. She gets permission to leave work early one day because she’s been throwing up. My poor sick mother said “Fuck the speed limit!” And took off home. A Maryland state trooper pulls my mother over for going 55 in a 35. He comes up to her window and she rolls it down and says “Officer I know I’m speeding I live just down there, I’m going to throw up, please let me puke at my house.” The officer starts getting super upset at my mom, and asks for her license and registration. My mom opens her door and pukes on his shoes. She gets a ticket, and has to go to court.

In court, the officer also wants my mom to replace his shoes. The judge goes “You saw a woman that pregnant who said she was nauseous, and still insisted on stopping her? You’re such an ass.” And dismisses the ticket.

I’m 25 now and it’s my mom’s favorite story about her pregnancy with me.”—slightlyslytherin

3. So true.

“Because it’d be really difficult having this conversation while driving.”—drdoom

2. Be polite!

“The last time I got pulled over, I was in a small town and he was super nice. He flat out told me that he got me doing 55 in a 45. I was from out of town and told him he was right, that I had missed the speed limit change and that my wife had just warned me. 5 seconds later, I would have been legal had he been sitting there or not. He handed me a warning and told us to have a safe day. I was there maybe 5 minutes.”—angmarsilar

1. No, sir!

“”No, sir.” That is the correct response. Even if you’re doing 90 in a 15 with a kilo of coke strapped to the roof. “No, sir.” They’re fishing. And the question is either absurd or condescending, depending on how you look at it.”—ph33randloathing