15 Horribly Designed Things That Were Probably Not a Good Idea

Look, I’m no grand designer or anything, but I know what I like.

I also know what I DON’T like, and that stuff is plastered all over this page.

Because the eagle-eyed folks at Reddit are great at spotting bad and dangerous design, and then they share them with the rest of us, because bad design or no, there’s just something about them that we can’t look away from.

15. The Floor-i-gator

Cool looking, but a lawsuit waiting to happen.

On the floor of doctor’s office. If you trip on it, you’re in the right place
byu/saya_doge inCrappyDesign

14. The Dump Slide

“You’re good from here, right kid?”


13. Poisonous Minimalism

I get that you’ve got an aesthetic going, but you might want to make a few things stand out.


12. The Block Drive

Maybe you’ll be fine, maybe you don’t have a car anymore.


11. The Lily Pads

I feel like something like this might be ok in the BACKyard, where it’s more likely anyone walking on it will be aware of what they’re dealing with.


10. The Baby Cage

Sure, but think of all the fresh air he’s getting!


9. The Dueling Reliefs

I’m still sneezing, but at least now I’m also pooping.


8. The Bouncy Mix

The warning sign is helpful.
What would have been MORE helpful is never doing this in the first place.


7. The Porch Garage

I’d ride that thing all day tbh.


6. The Steep Climb

I hope your chair has, like, tank treads.


5. The Smoking Tree

When you need cancer and you need it now.


4. The Deck Chairs

By the third time this happened I would just burn the chair in a rage.


3. The Hidden Words

This isn’t a riddle, y’all.

Almost did it, too
byu/Adecker100 inCrappyDesign

2. Do It Blades

Um…I’m gonna go with yikes.


1. The Fire Box

“Yes, your daughter died horribly, but at least now we know she wasn’t a prankster.”


Well, that’s…um…horrifying.

What’s a dangerously designed thing you’ve seen?

Tell us in the comments.