15 Horror Stories That Only Need Two-Sentences to Scare You Silly

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If you’re a good writer, you don’t need a bunch of words to elicit the desired response in a reader – you only need the right words.

These 14 two-sentence horror stories are definitely proving my point, because more than a few of them managed to give me actual goosebumps!

15. That took a turn.

When I found my wife slitting her wrists in the bathtub, I called 911.

When she said she couldn’t live knowing what I had done to those children, I hung up the phone.

14. You think it’s cute, but then…

“I’ve got your nose!” I said playfully.

As I sewed the last piece of her face onto mine, I knew that I would finally be the pretty sister.

13. This is an epic beginning to a larger story.

When Jurassic Park first became popular, my brother Brian and I would pretend to be paleontologists and dig up the back yard looking for dinosaur bones.

That was how we figured out where Mom went.

12. Sometimes freedom isn’t all you imagined.

“You can be free now,” she whispered, climbing out of my body.

Now that all the voices in my head are gone, I’m finding it difficult to finally live alone.

11. No good deed goes unpunished.

I was trying to be sweet and brush my teeth in the dark so I didn’t wake my husband.

When I felt the blades slice into my gums, I realized I should have just turned on the light.

10. Nailed it with the second line.

Whenever my freezer makes ice, it sounds like someone is knocking from the inside.

It’s not quite as loud, though.

9. Pwned at the worst possible moment.

I guess it wasn’t too surprising that in the heat of the moment I’d missed the opportunity to sabotage my wife’s parachute.

But when I pulled my line and saw my chute fluttering uselessly above me I realized she hadn’t.

8. He must have deserved it though I’m just saying.

Finally awake, though not for long, he whispered to me “Please, I want to die”.

As he slipped back into the coma, I ran a soft hand against his weathered cheek, making sure the last thing he heard was “I’m not letting you off that easy”

7. Cue the menacing music.

I have lived a happy life, even if my parents are a little over protective.

But I’ll be damned if the digitally aged face on this abducted child bulletin isn’t my own.

6. A clever use of karma.

As a child, I loved to poison bugs and watch as they writhed in pain from the pool of chemicals.

I guess its fitting that the giants would later do the same to me.

5. *shudder*

The world was thrilled with the announcement that the first mission to Mars would be an all female crew.

One year later, the world was terrified when they are returned pregnant.

4. One of my worst nightmares.

Using my finger, I tried to fish my wedding ring out from the drain.

“Let me help you mommy”, my son said as he turned on the garbage disposal.

3. Oooh I love a good ghost story.

My wife’s FitBit told her she logged extra steps the other day.

We only started to worry when we saw that they were tracked while she was sleeping next to me.

2. Funny and creepy. A+.

His worst fear was to be buried alive, so to reassure himself, distress flares were installed on his future grave.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t anticipate that he would be buried on the Fourth of July.

1. I definitely want to read more of this.

The sound of duct tape being ripped off the roll muffled my sobs.

I quickly pressed the tape over the three new holes that appeared on my arm, trying to suffocate the black forms crawling out.

Wow, I’m going to need to up my game as a writer, I think. I love reading horror, but writing it is far harder than it looks!

Did any of these get to you? Which ones? Share with us in the comments!