16 Things That Are Way Bigger Than You Thought

Image Credit: Reddit

Our brains are strange beasts, and one of the ways they trick us is by making things like size totally relative.

Without a point of reference it can be hard to visualize how small or large an object is, and so often, we’re way, way off of the reality.

I’m betting that in these 16 circumstances, you were thinking these things were not nearly so large.

16. Gorilla hands.


15. I had NO IDEA even after watching Armageddon. Lol. (It’s a comet compared to LA).

Comet  67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko Relative to Downtown Los Angeles

14. Moose are stupid big. Surprises me every time.

13. Australia is bigger than Pluto. Apparently.

Image Credit: Articlepapers.com

12. They look so small up there!

Traffic Light
byu/sverdrupian inHumanForScale

11. The United States is bigger than the moon.

Image Credit: Tumblr

10. I guess I’ve never really thought about it before…


9. One million Earths.

8. It kind of takes your breath away.


7. So Hollywood really is all about the drama. Weird.

In case you wondered, here’s the (size) difference between $10,000 in 1’s, and 100’s.
byu/rubberducks2 inpics

6. I really want to see these in person some day.

5. Why are their lungs as big as their bodies?

Fully inflated horse lungs
byu/GallowBoob ininterestingasfuck

4. This is a wombat.


3. Now think about that in terms of dollars.

Image Credit: Twitter

2. I had no idea how big this statue of David is.


1. This is just…what.

A bus, for size
byu/kokywiter ininterestingasfuck

I’m shocked, y’all! I mean, those horse lungs??? How is that even possible? Are they THAT much bigger than us? What in the what?!

Which one of these surprised you the most? The least? Tell us in the comments! We want to know everything in those heads of yours!