15 Housing Design Fails Shared by Real Estate Agents

©Facebook,Venessa Van Winkle

Venessa Van Winkle is on a mission: she’s a real estate agent who is showing the world just how epic some home design fails are.

Get ready for some hilarious photos, because these are insane….

They’re funny, surprising, and some of them are just downright WEIRD.

Have a look.

1. Careful getting out of the tub

I think this is really good placement, though, right? Tumble and dry!

2. WOW

That is a very specific design!

3. His and Hers

Can I wipe your tutu for you?

4. Interesting choices…

I really think the pink goes with the Buddha. Definitely.

5. Pee-wee Herman’s house?

I gotta say… I kind of like this one.

6. A palace

Green suede as far as the eye can see! Did you notice it on the ceiling?

7. Yikes

Too much of a good thing?

8. Take a bath while cooking

Or do the dishes while you scrub your nuts!

9. Nightmare

The flowers are watching!

10. Okay…

Yeah. Completely normal. Not in a serial killers house at all.

11. Backsplash

I can’t be made at that! That’s pretty creative.

12. Just go down the long hallway

Good lord!

13. Carpet…on the bathtub?

There’s mold in that thar carpet!

14. NOPE

I honestly don’t even know what to say.

15. Welcome!

Bad color scheme, but overall… not that crazy.

I have a feeling some of those houses are a pretty tough sell.

But it doesn’t matter what I think… it matters what YOU think!

Let us know in the comments which one of these you’d live in… and which you think is the nuttiest!

Please and thank you!