Since the beginning of human civilization, obviously a lot has changed. We’ve evolved, we’ve invented things that have changed the course of history, we’ve waged wars that threatened to destroy it. Cultures have shifted and immigration has brought us together (and driven us apart).

There’s no arguing that human life today looks nothing like it did two hundred years ago, never mind thousands of years before that.

That said, there are some things that really haven’t changed at all – human beings like the way they work and we’re sticking to them – and here are 15 great examples.

15. Physical comedy.

Fart and laugh.

This and watching somebody else get hit in the nuts are probably the most ancient forms of comedy.

And watching somebody else slip on ice.

14. A little emotional.

Telling stories.

This is one of those things that honestly gets me a little emotional when I think on it for very long. How beautiful it is that for as long as humans have existed, we have looked at the world around us and told each other about it in creative ways.

And, how sad it is that there are many stories lost to the abyss as time has gone by.

13. For mojitos? Ha!

Using a mortar and pestle.

12. It’s what we were made to do.


This brings to mind so many other things parents do with young infants. Gazing at them for long stretches, cuddling, stroking, playing with fingers and toes, speaking softly in high pitches tones, singing, rocking, carrying, baby wearing, grooming/picking shit out of their hair, nose ears, eyes, body folds.

11. Ancient graffiti.

Talk about dicks. Insult each others mothers, and graffiti.

Pretty sure they’ve found ancient graffiti all over the world where they thought it’d be some wise proverb, but once translated, it literally ended up just being shit posting.

People are just people, which is nice to think about sometimes.

10. Oral traditions.

I would say gathering around a firepit.

I think there is something about the oral tradition of storytelling and the constant thread that stretches throughout history.

9. The world’s oldest profession.


The currency may have changed but thats the only thing that has.

8. Kind of goes without saying.


7. Like we think we’re going to melt.

Look for cover when it’s raining.

6. Just judging.

Judging the generations younger than us.

And judging the generations older than us.

generally judging people.

5. What about chopsticks?

Use a spoon. A fork. And a bowl.

At the end of the day we haven’t altered these concepts much beyond aesthetically, the only major thing is the spork.

4. Exactly the same.

Leatherworking? I remember reading that an ancient leatherworking tool was found and it looked almost exactly the same as the modern version.

My burnishing tool looks damn near the same as my great great grandpa’s.

I wouldn’t be shocked to hear they haven’t changed much, they’re just the right tool for the job.

3. All throughout history.

sheep shearing, even the electrified tools we use today are not that different from what they used in the bronze age and until electric tools arrived the shears was exactly exactly the same regardless of where you did look in history

2. We’ve been trying to make friends with cats.

Try to convince cats to hang out with you. Squat down, pretend you have food, make mouse noises.

1. A sad state of (longstanding) affairs.

Killing each other.

The spears and clubs only got faster and more powerful.

It’s weird to think about some of these things, because yeah, they totally haven’t changed – and we’ve barely noticed.

What else would you add to this list? If it’s not here, drop your suggestion in the comments!