15 Husbands Who Tweeted the Truth About Being Married


Marriage: it’s bliss 100% of the time. Right?!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration.

And these husbands know it, because they all tweeted out some hilarious observations about married life. Do any of these situations look familiar to you?

Yes, dear! Coming, dear!

1. Since you’re already up…

2. Who did this?!?!

3. You sure about that?

4. At least two

5. You can be replaced

6. Well, there is

7. Not equal, is it?

8. The “better people”


9. Just agree

10. HOT!

11. You blew it!

12. NO

13. That’ll show her

14. Great…

15. Escape route

Hit the nail on the head!