15 Jobs You Might Be Able to Do From Home in The Near Future

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Thanks to technology, software, and demands from workers, working from home is slowly becoming more viable.

Remote work is sought after because it allows for flexibility, saves commute time, and helps people save money they’d normally spend on transportation to and from work.

Some jobs are obvious candidates for working at home, but Redditors came up with a giant list of entire industries that can work remotely starting now. Let’s take a look!

15. All Office Work

“Basically all office work should be work from home. With all the technology and software at our disposal, there’s almost no excuse to have a bunch of people sitting in a giant office space doing work that could easily be done from home.

Hell think of the positive effects that would have on the environment? How many people spend hours per week commuting back and forth to some office job? Think of how much traffic would be eliminated. Not to mention the carbon footprint of the typical office building.

Work from home should become the norm.”


14. Mobile Food Trucks

“Food trucks are big in my area, but they usually congregate on high-traffic areas that are currently desolate.

What if, instead, they throw a speaker on the roof, come up with a catchy jingle, and drive through neighborhoods like an adult ice cream truck, but with booze and food. Taco truck coming through the neighborhood blasting mariachi music?

Yes, please!”


13. New Ways to Act

“Some local actors can create a ‘to be continued’ series (which they actually continue) from day to day activities all on their own to keep us entertained.

It actually makes one feel as if they are outside for real (the actors do all that in their own apartment it‘s quite nice seeing how they make an effort to still work their job and help others feel better).”


12. More Voice Acting

“I work at a school as a teacher aide, so I’m getting paid to (in a way) to not do anything. I just check my email, read updates, and then read manga and watch YouTube the rest of the day.

I decided now would be a good time to start my dream job of being a voice actress. I’m starting as a narrator for books that are now in public domain.

Last night, I finished the first chapter of “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling! Now, where can I upload it so I can be recognized and start getting paid?”


11. Virtual Cooking Classes

“Virtual cooking classes.

A lot of people are being forced to cook dinner for themselves for the first time in their lives. If you have no training, it’s an an intimidating first experience. Even basic things like, are you peeling the garlic correctly? How can you tell when the steak’s done? The recipe says 10 minutes, but how much leeway is there?

You could an expert on a Zoom conference, who could answer quick questions and check your technique. There’s lots of experienced restaurant workers out of a job right now. The chef could put 8-10 people in a virtual room, and rotate around answering questions. It’d also be a social experience between the participants.”


10. Social Media Moderation

“Humans who browse, check, and report any fake accounts or misinformation that they see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media/information platform.

We might as well be productive and get paid while mindlessly browsing them.”


9. Online Family Counseling

“Online marriage/family counseling. People aren’t used to spending this much time with their kids and spouses.”


8. Remote Detective Work

“A whole new community of sleuths.

Simple. You apply and get a background check and then receive a cold case.

You now help in investigating cold cases from your home.”


7. Virtual Reality Teaching

“I don’t know about industry’s but I won’t be surprised if I hear something about how schools are integrating VR.

Students can learn remotely in a classroom setting and can see and have tangible feedback in real time from a teacher. Which then in turn could also open up the possibility of completely VR classes and teachers could work from anywhere.”


6. Reading to Kids With Vision Problems

“I think a service that provides a person that will read to children and those with vision problems would be great.

I know there are books on tape, and things like audible, but during a story kids like to interrupt with questions, and having a person familiar enough with the book to answer those questions might be helpful.

And knowing another person is live with you can comfort someone, especially someone with vision issues that might be feeling alone.”


5. Coaching Gamers Online

“I’m a Fortnite coach and it actually pays much better than any job I’ve had.

It helped my pall my tuition last semester in full.”


4. Restaurants That Come to You!

“I also think home-chefs are going to become a lot more popular.

If you can’t go out to eat, or know how to make something, call up one of these guys and they’ll buy/cook/clean for you. Home cooking classes could also be a thing. Have a hankering for actual Chinese food or traditional Czech dumplings? An actual mainlander could come to your home (bonus if it an sweet old lady type) and make it happen.

The Ethiopian family next door to me makes the best food and I’m sad that nobody else gets to experience it.”


3. Mobile Lab Testing

“I always thought it would be cool to setup a mobile lab-in-a-van and drive around testing soil/water/air for people.

Obviously you couldn’t do as much as you could with a real lab, but you could maybe at least give a basic GCMS analysis. Not exactly work-from-home but it’s better than nothing. I think a lot of people avoid getting enviro tests done because they can’t be bothered taking samples and mailing them in, especially if they don’t know how many samples they might need.

A mobile lab would let you adapt your sampling strategy depending on what you find.”


2. Adopt a Grandma or Grandpa

“There should be a way for an elderly person to reach out to talk to someone when they get lonely.

I would “adopt a grandma/grandpa” just to talk to them if it existed.”


1. Start a Home Orchard

“If you own a piece if land you could start an orchard. Sure it’s gonna cost you your lawn, and I have no idea if you’re actually allowed.

But 100 years ago the families around where I live (Sweden) all had like 30 or 40 apples trees in their gardens on plots of about 800-1000 square meters.”


These all seem like great suggestions for future occupations! Some jobs like this already exist, while others require a return to older ways of life. 100 years ago a lot of people probably had home gardens, for example.

What did you think of these career or job possibilities? Are there any opportunities these Redditors failed to mention? Want to take a stab at an idea in the comments section?