15 Kids Doing Thoughtful Things That Prove There Is Hope for the Future

Photo Credit: Pixabay

If there’s one sentiment that seems to abound these days, it’s that 2017 was a pretty rough year. I know I’m not too sad to see the dawn of 2018 – especially since it brings us one year closer to when these 15 kids will come of age and save us all from ourselves.

#15. This 9-year-old boy started a no-kill animal shelter in the Philippines…in his garage.

Photo Credit: Happy Animals Club

#14. This little girl who took her entire plate and walked it outside to a homeless man.

#13. That’s one reason to have kids!

Photo Credit: Reddit

#12. I don’t know whether I love the garbage men or the triplets more.

Photo Credit: Facebook

#11. This little Afghan girl has a flower for an American soldier…who accepts.

Photo Credit: Reuters

#10. This boy offering a bottle of water to an officer in Baltimore.

Photo Credit: Facebook

#9. These boys who rescued a dog that had fallen into a ditch.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#8. This little sweetheart.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

#7. Sometimes you just get the feeling that a stranger in a fast food restaurant needs a hug.

Photo Credit: Reddit

#6. Because even plastic dinosaurs need love.

Photo Credit: Imgur

#5. This little girl in Japan trying to wipe the tears of a politician on television.

Photo Credit: Hamusoku

#4. This kid who gave his injured friend a lift.

Photo Credit: Acid Cow

#3. This little boy who reminds us to share what we have.

Photo Credit: In Memory Of Vucko

#2. This kid knows you don’t leave your bff behind no matter what.

Photo Credit: Reuters

#1. This kid.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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