Freezing Temperatures Didn’t Stop the Annual ‘No Pants’ NYC Subway Ride

©Instagram, jornaloglobo

Why should some frigid weather stop people from doing what they love? You see videos of all kinds of nutty folks doing a freezing cold polar bear plunge, but this one is a little more unusual. New York City subway riders braved 18-degree weather to continue a proud tradition: riding the subway with no pants.

Photo Credit: Instagram, nbcnewyork

Even “Hot Mike Pence” got in on the action.

Photo Credit: Twitter, HenryRosoff

Residents of other cities got in on the action as well despite cold temperatures. Riders in Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, D.C., Berlin, and London all boarded trains sans pants.

Photo Credit: Twitter, PositiveLad

Photo Credit: Twitter, TheHub_LA

Looks like fun! Would you go pants-less on public transit in your town?

h/t: Mashable