These Wendy’s Training Videos from the 1980s Are So Bad You Can’t Look Away


When I got a job at Price Chopper – a Kansas City area grocery store chain – in high school, I had to sit through a couple days of training. Part of that training was watching hilariously bad videos from the 1980s that were supposed to teach you how to work safely and efficiently. They featured bad special effects of people suffering terrible injuries and losing limbs on the job. In short, they were amazing, and I wish I had them in my extensive VHS collection.

In the same vein, there are some gloriously cheesy training videos from Wendy’s that are on YouTube for the whole world to enjoy. Take a look at this one.

The Wendy’s videos are unique because they’re full of songs that taught employees the ins and outs of daily fast food life. If you got a job at Wendy’s in the 1980s, you might’ve thought going to work every day would be like living in a musical. Which, depending upon who you are, either sounds amazing or horrific. Here’s one about cold drinks that’ll really get your toes tappin’.

Chili is important Wendy’s menu item, so you know there’s a video for that!

And what food item is synonymous with the Wendy’s brand? Burgers, of course. Here’s part one and part two (in case you get really emotionally invested) of the burger training video series.

As you might expect, people on Twitter loved the training videos.

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If you’ve been going through life feeling unfulfilled, I imagine that’s all taken care of now that you’ve seen these incredible videos. You’re welcome.

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