28 Fast Food Workers Recount Their Craziest Drive-Thru Customers

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You order a cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake. You pull forward and receive your meal and then proceed to drive away. Does it dawn on you that the drive thru workers usually see everything you have in your car? In this AskReddit thread, users share the weirdest things they have seen in customers cars while working for a fast food restaurant. Apparently, “riding shotgun” can be taken pretty literally.

1. He’s on a different calendar.

I worked at a Taco Bell back in high school and this obviously very rich guy came by weekly in his convertible, Hawaiian shirt, and I kid you not – a blow up doll in the passenger seat.

One time he had the usual passenger seat, then two new ones in the back, and I asked him what the occasion was. He said, “Fourth of July, duh!”

It was May.

2. Definitely was not what he expected.

One time I pulled up behind a large SUV at a drive-through. The SUV was rocking back and forth and there were these weird moaning sounds coming from the back. My friend and I just glanced at each other but didn’t say anything. Then this grotesque, horned face appears in the back window, looks at us coldly, and says “Baaaaaahh!”

The SUV was full of goats.

3. Hang on tight!

I worked at Taco Bell awhile back. The most memorable/strangest thing I saw come though the drive through was an elderly man, probably late 50s early 60s. He had a large, loaded glass bong buckled in the passenger seat. Told him it smelled good in there and he responded, “It always smells good where I am”.

4. Hold my beer!

Had a guy come through Tim Hortons in the morning. Go to give him his coffee and he asks me to wait a second. Grabs the beer from his cup holder and chugs the rest of it. Throws it out the open passenger window, takes coffee from my hand, says thank you and drives away.

5. Riding shotgun.

When I was working at DQ in high school I remember a woman coming through the drive-thru with a shotgun sitting in the passenger seat(riding shotgun if you will).

6. What in the Sam Hill?

Was working drive thru at Hardees as my first job. Its about 10pm on a Friday night and someone comes into the drive thru. They order a strawberry malt. As part of my “scripting” I ask if they want to add 2 apple turnovers for $.99. They gleefully agree! Cool! “Your total is $3.14, pull to the next window.”

And they didn’t. They were laughing. And there was lots of noise. And the noise continued and there was more laughing. Tentatively, I poked my head out of the window and saw 6 high school kids carrying a sofa. They hauled the sofa to the window and asked for me to dump the milkshake all over the sofa. Whatever, they paid for it so I enjoyed it! When I gave them the pies they proceeded to smash them and smear them all over the sofa. Then they carried it to the parking lot and loaded it onto a truck and drove away.


7. Just skip on over!

I saw a kangaroo on his way to the zoo. The zookeeper had to stop for a caramel macchiato first.

8. Out of sight, out of mind.

I used to work in Burger King a few years ago. Had a taxi pull up one night and instead of the usual, it pulls forward to let the passenger grab their order. Window rolls down and there are two people engaging in oral coitus. They casually stopped when it was time to pay. Strangest part was that the driver wasn’t bothered by any of it.

9. Neigh.

One lady came through the McDonald’s drive-thru and instead of a golden retriever or lab poking it’s head up from the back seat of the minivan, there was a pony just chilling, munching on carrots or something. It was a bright spot in my day.

10. Polly want a cracker?

Guy had his parrot on his shoulder. It tried to bite me when I handed him his change.

11. I’m confused.

Worked third shift at a 24-hour McDonalds. I saw a bit of everything. Most confusing thing I saw was a car filled with people in gorilla suits, most of whom were passed out in the back seat, and had been hot-boxing as well. Overall a very confusing scene.

12. No questions asked.

A few days ago, a guy nonchalantly ordered a slice of cheese pizza, while his hands were covered in blood. He didn’t acknowledge it at all. I gave him some extra napkins.

13. Act cool, no one will notice.

Many years ago I worked at Taco Casa and a woman came through in a brand new convertible butt naked drunk with her leg propped out the window. She took her food then went to back in a parking spot to eat and ended up backing into a light pole completely crushing the back of her car. She put it in park and ate her tacos until the police came.

14. Nothing a little OJ can’t fix.

I worked at McDonalds when I was 15-16 and a guy came through and ordered just an orange juice, the guy in the seat next to him had a nail from a nail gun through his hand and was shaking. The guy said the orange juice was to stop the guy from going into shock.

15. What is happening?

I worked the DT at McDonald’s when I was 16 and 17, and one time this beater of a sedan pulled up with a middle-aged woman and a couple of kids inside. The kids were jumping all over the place unbuckled and freaking out, and instead of a key, she had a screwdriver jammed in the ignition. I suppose she could have just owned a bad car and had rowdy kids, but at the time I really thought she had kidnapped the kids and stolen the car.

16. Okay guys, joke’s over.

Guy who ordered a single meal was driving while a couple in the back seat were obviously having sex under a blanket. We figured it might have been some sort of dare.

17. One for you, one for you, one for you…

A friend of mine worked at an ice cream place. The woman ordered 5 ice cream cones. When she pulled around she saw that the woman had 4 dolls buckled into the back seat.

18. Driving free.

We used to have a guy who would order every so often and when he drove up he wasn’t ever wearing pants or underwear just had a tiny wash cloth over his junk.

19. Who needs plates?

Working the McD’s DT, back in the day, I watched a lady use the dash as a plate. Opened up two ketchup packets and squirted directly onto what was NOT a clean dashboard. She dumped the fries out next to it and went to town. WTF.

20. Ice, ice, baby.

He ordered 10 bags of ice from us. And he had what looked like 30-40 more bags of ice in his van.

21. Where did they go?

Working at KFC we had an empty car pull up once. Evidently the occupants saw the police nearby and fled their stolen car. Blew my mind when I turned round at the window to give them their food and the car was empty.

22. Nothing to see here.

I work at an Arby’s in Indiana. About a year ago a woman came through with a pet monkey in a diaper on a leash. She handed me her money, acted like everything was normal. When I went to hand her the change the monkey jumped in the window took the change and hopped back.

23. Who knew?

Not a drive-thru, but a drive-in restaurant.

This lady used to come pretty frequently with 2 baby carriers in the back. The lady orders 3 ham and cheddars and starts eating one, while feeding the other to what I assumed was a baby in the back. I see a terrifyingly long limb emerge from the carrier and grab a piece of the ham and cheese. Turns out the lady raises kangaroos and they love ham and cheese. It’s now a weekly occurrence to visit the ham and cheese kangaroos.

24. The drive of shame.

One time I had a couple come through who ordered some food, as well as two of the largest size drinks you can get: one milkshake and one soda. They roll up to the window and we take care of the monetary transaction. I always passed drinks out first because they were always ready first.

So, I put both of these beverages in one of those flimsy cardboard-ish drink carriers (in opposite corners, diagonally from one another to maximize stability), and start to pass it slowly to the driver. I get it out my window and partially into his where he receives the hand-off and I let go of it entirely. I withdrew my arm into the window, and just as the driver gets the drinks all the way into his vehicle, he slams the accelerator and then immediately slams the brakes.

The drinks took flight and went straight into the upper corner of the windshield on the passenger side where they exploded all over everything in the front of the car. I mean EVERYTHING. The car remained stopped for about five seconds, then rolled sheepishly out of the drive through lane without the food that was ordered.

26. Gotta look good.

Working at McDonald’s I’ve had a regular customer who drives through just about every day twice a day and he is always shaving his face with an electric razor. Every single time.

26. You can never have enough.

A long time ago I used to be a drive thru worker. There was a lady who would come through every single day and her car would always be literally packed FULL of bread/buns up to the ceiling. I always wanted to ask wtf she was doing with all the bread but I never did.

27. Me too, man. Me too.

A few years ago I was out with a friend and we had picked up 30 goldfish, 500 playpit balls, and 50 pounds of colored sand for a prank to a friend’s room.

We had the balls and sand filling up the back seat and I was carrying the fish on my lap. We went through the drive-thru and immediately went back through it again to pick up some extra food for our roommate. The look we got from the worker was incredible as he told us “wherever you’re about to go, I wish I could come with you”.

28. Never hurts to have your own supply.

A couple years ago, I worked at a drive thru and this guy came around to pay. When he got there, he asked, “Hey, did I say I wanted extra pickles on that? Because I want extra pickles on that.”

I informed him that his burger was already made and ready to go, but offered to have a new one fixed up with a satisfactory amount of pickles. the man paused, then had a look of realization. He looked up and said “Don’t worry about it! Now that I think about it, I think I might have some extra ones right here.” this valued customer then proceeded to open up his glove compartment and pull out a giant jar of sliced pickles. It was weird.

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