8 Weird Things That Predict Divorce, According To Science

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Science has the answer to basically everything, so why not to the elusive and complicated reasons behind the ending of marital relationships around the globe?

Okay, okay, fine, so they’re not claiming to have all the answers on how to make it work, and you could totally have every one of these indicators and still stay together. That said, it is true that these 8 things are predictors of trouble ahead – and knowing where the potholes in the road are is never a bad thing!

Some of these things are completely obvious, like many actions or incidents that precede divorce, but others are totally wtf indicators that I never would have guessed:

#8. Not going to college.

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Couples with more education tend to stay married. The theory behind why is that they also tend to be more financially secure, which saves them from more of the number one deal-breaker in marriages: money issues.

#7. Being a social (media) butterfly.

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There are simply too many temptations when it comes to connecting (or re-connecting) with new, exciting, possibly cute individuals. There have been several studies connecting Facebook to divorces, and in 2012, divorce lawyers in the UK claimed it contributed to a full one-third of their business.

#6. Spending more than $20k on your wedding.

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It probably still comes down to money, and arguments about money, because if you spend the average of $25.5K on your wedding, you’re probably starting your life together in a hole. Not a good place to be.

#5. If your commute is longer than 45 minutes.

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A study found that a full 14% of couples that meet this criteria will call it quits. So, maybe it’s time to look for a new job?

#4. Having a daughter.

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Truth. A 2010 study showed that families with boys are more likely to try to work through rocky times, while those with daughters more frequently split – possibly because moms want to set good examples of healthy relationship for their girls. And maybe that’s not a bad thing, though the argument could be made that boys can benefit just as much from good relationship examples as girls.

#3. Living in a red state.

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There’s no theory as to why exactly this is, but the numbers don’t lie: the states with the highest divorce rates are all red, with the top 5 being Nevada, Arkansas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Idaho. In fact, 10 of the top 11 are all red.

#2. Rolling your eyes at each other.

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I mean, no proof needed. Rolling your eyes at someone tends to put them off, and doing it on a regular basis for years? Forget about it.

#1. Marrying someone in a different age group.

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Doesn’t matter whether it’s significantly older or younger; it turns out neither is a good sign for a relationship’s longevity. Studies have found that the closer you are in age, the more likely you are to stay together – and that any gap outside of 5 years predicts a greater chance of divorce.