15 Lisa Frank Tattoos That Will Make the Preteen Girl in You Swoon

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If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, there’s basically no chance you were unaware of the Lisa Frank empire, consisting of colorful, whimsical stickers, folders, pencil cases, binders, backpacks and notebooks. Their tag line, “You Gotta Have It,” pretty much summed up our existence, after all.

Despite the loudness of her school accessories line, Lisa herself is very private about the company she founded at just 24 years old after graduating from the University of Arizona. However, that can’t stop us from carrying on her legacy forever — which is exactly what these 15 tattoos do.

#15. Unicorns, rainbows and flowers – trifecta

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That unicorn horn is classic Frank.

#14. Purple cats and sprinkled cupcakes — I would have totally owned this folder

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Actually…I’m pretty sure I do…somewhere.

#13. The flowing neon hair is inspired

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*Puts in call to hair stylist immediately.

#12. My face is basically a heart-eyes emoji

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Okay, where was that when I was growing up??

#11. It can be Halloween on your body all year long!

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But, like, the cutest Halloween ever.

#10. This mashup is everything

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If aliens actually look like that, I’m down to invite them all over.

#9. No one could get enough of the colorful baby tiger

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Yup, definitely had him on two binders, a pencil and a pencil case.

#8. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your entire life?

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I’ve always been undecided about getting a tattoo, but this little kitty could sway me.

#7. A classic design showcases Frank’s amazing obsession with rainbow everything

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Also look into that bunny’s eyes. She’s fierce.

#6. The ombre coloring is winning my heart

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Who knew ombre hair followed in Lisa Frank’s footsteps?

#5. The classic baby tiger took my breath away

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That tiger’s getting his flirt on!

#4. The watermelon umbrella, though

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Okay, Urban Outfitters, time’s running out to start selling these babies!

#3. This is a perfect twist for artists and painters

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An artful expression and inspiration all in one!

#2. That’s some impressive art

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I’d call that 100% accurate.

#1. What 90s girl didn’t dream of a dolphin tattoo this extra?

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And in a heart no less? You couldn’t get more Lisa Frank if you tried.

Like Lisa’s designs, these tattoos have no rules – one more reason to love them.