15 Men Share the Physical Trait Their Significant Other Hates About Themselves, But They Love

I think one of the ways you know you’ve found the right person is when they love even the things you dislike about yourself – your flaws, in other words, are something that only makes them love you more.

In wholesome news, these 15 men are sharing those traits their significant others are self-conscious about, but that they love with all of their hearts.

15. It’s the little things.

I had an ex who had very pointy but small canines. She wanted to get them fixed, but I thought they made her smile adorable.

A different ex of mine has these little short hairs that stick straight up in the middle where her hair meets forehead. I find those adorable as well! I called them her antennas.

14. Crooked but lovely.

Her “crooked” chin. She fell when she was a kid and it left a scar on the underside of her chin that makes her smile look ever so crooked.

It’s honestly my favorite thing in the world.

13. A lovely description.

Her eyes. She hates that they’re brown, but they’re so bright and sparkly. They’re like pools of honey.

12. Still the same great woman.

My wife gained weight when she had our daughter. She was 115ish before, probably 150 or so now. She feels terrible, and I… I can’t keep my hands off of her.

I think she’s just as beautiful as when I met her 16 years ago, I just wish she could see how beautiful and amazing she is the way that I can

11. A little encouragement.

Her singing voice. She thinks she doesn’t sing well, and as a result sings really quietly, but when I put on her favorite songs and catch her singing along I always try to sing with her to encourage her, even if I don’t know the words and just end up singing “La la la”.

10. Personality plus.

I have a big nose with a fairly large bump in the middle. I never liked it that much but one of my exes told me it gives me personality.

I eventually learned to like it, specially during Covid time because there’s no mask slipping off this ship!

9. Pheromones are real.

My current gf is very self conscious about her BO. She’s had issues her whole life about it and her exes made it worse by degrading her.

Never in my life have I been turned on by BO, but holy shit I could smell her all day. I’m still confused about it, but she smells amazing to me.

8. It’s all in perspective.

“Does my butt look big in this dress?”

“Yeah, it’s fantastic!”

7. This is amazing.

My husband had outpatient surgery this morning & he was still coming out of surgery when he asked the nurse to come find me.

He told her I would be the beautiful woman with the curliest hair & I’d be wearing a shirt. It was incredibly wholesome.

6. We always want what we can’t have.

Freckles for sure.

From my observation it’s like curly hair. Women with straight hair want curls, women with curls want straight hair.

5. I wonder if it gets old.

Not a man. My dad loves my mother’s white hairs because they’re shiny. My mother loves my dad’s receding hairline because there’s more space to kiss.

My dad is also just generally adorable about my mother. They’ve been married 25 years. She’s had two children, one by a rather traumatic c-section. But to my dad, she’s just the hottest thing ever. If she takes off a sweater or pulls up her shirt to scratch her scar, or replaces her sweaty underwear, my dad’s eyes just go round and he’s staring.

I want a guy like that.

4. It’s infectious.

Idk if it counts as a psysical trait, but my girlfriend’s laughter.

It’s the absolutely the best thing in the world and it’s the kinda laughter that makes everybody smile, but because it’s loud she gets embarassed.

3. He’s all about it.

Thicc thighs.

Same with that tiny upper hip chub. When it goes from thighs to her hips, butt and her waist.

Can’t get enough of that curve, it’s just perfect and I wouldn’t want it otherwise.

2. It’s good for ladies, too.

Salt and pepper hair.

I don’t understand the fear of grey hair. I find it really cool.

1. The actual best.

Her stretch marks. She grew too tall too fast and has them from the sides of her upper thigh and up her bum to her tailbone. Always reminds of a zebra and makes me wanna act like a lion.

Y’all, this is like the cutest thing, right?

What’s something your partner doesn’t love about themselves but that you think they should? Let’s keep the sweetness going in the comments!