15 Moms and Dads That Won’t Be Winning ‘Parent of the Year’ Anytime Soon


Hey, parenting is a tough gig, right? You try to do your best for those little monsters but sometimes you just gotta do YOU.

None of these folks are in the running for ‘Parent of the Year’ and if these look familiar, you probably aren’t either.

1. Do what you gotta do

2. Might’ve overdone it


3. Earmuffs

4. When you’re in jail…



6. Major headache

7. Might want to listen in

8. Not cool

9. That’s why

10. Which one is worse?

11. Ugh

12. Pray they don’t notice

13. Sure…

14. It’s over

15. Flip ’em the bird

Maybe shoot for 2020 ‘Parent of the Year’?

Something to strive for…