15 Movies That Would’ve Ended Quickly If the Main Characters Had Actually Followed the Rules

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It’s annoying to watch movies (or read books or watch television shows) where the plot depends on a main character who just will not do what they’re told, even if they should, and even if the person doing the telling has way more knowledge and experience, and even if it’s definitely going to hurt them to go their own way.

Because surely there is a better and more believable plot device to move the story from here to there involving a character who actually makes sense?? Although you do get that nice jolt of dramatic irony as the reader.

These 15 movies might not have existed at all without the dumb main character who just refused to do what they were told.

15. I mean, he was the one who drew first blood so.

First Blood would just be a movie about a Vietnam vet taking a walk if Brian Dennehy didn’t pull a u-turn and give Rambo a hassle.

14. It probably still would have ended badly.

The Cabin in the Woods

The “Harbinger” warns them to turn back, so they do. The end. Except that still probably means everybody dies.

13. He really did just make a big mess for himself to clean up.

The entire Bourne Identity series.

If he just shot the guy on the boat he would never be in that mess that he got himself into

12. This really is excellent advice.

The Exorcist/Ouija/any and all films involving a Ouija board.

“Don’t play with Ouija boards.”


11. Take the blue pill and forget it ever happened. Do it.


Neo: “Sorry, I think you got the wrong number click”

10. The same goes for Alice in Wonderland.


Bobinsky said “Do not go through the little door.” she should’ve listened.

9. In this case, we owe thanks to the misbehaving kids.

Mary Poppins.

If the kids were well behaved, Katie Nanna would have never left, and so there would have been no need for the charming and magical nanny to arrive.

8. I, for one, wish this had happened. #unpopularopinion

Breaking bad.

“I can pay for your cancer treatment

-Oh thank you’re the man”

The end

7. The government should have listened to the scientists in every disaster movie ever.

28 Days Later.

The animal rights people listen to the scientist at the beginning.

6. Why can’t people ever just let the police handle it?

Jeepers Creepers.

“Darry, we should definitely not poke around the creepy, abandoned church that we think a dead body was dumped at, lets just drive to the police and move on with our day because this is a very unsafe situation.”

“You’re absolutely right, Trish. Let’s go to the police and let them handle it.”

Roll the credits.

5. Yeah, that’s basically doing the opposite of what you’re told.


Babysit your brother

*main character doesn’t go on a drug trip for 2 hours*

4. Yeah, we’ll just see about that.


‘Bond you are decommissioned.’

‘Aight imma head out’

3. These might be the worst parents in Disney history.


Trolls: Your daughter will be fine. Don’t be fearful of her powers, because fear leads to destruction.

Parents: We understand. Also even though Anna lost her memories of Elsa’s powers, keeping them away from each other for literally no reason would be just cruel so they can continue to play together so long as we set some ground rules to ensure safety.

The End

2. Why couldn’t Hamlet just avenge the murder like a normal son?

While not necessarily a movie, but Hamlet.

If he just killed the uncle that he hated, who banged his mom, and who ghost dad told him to kill, Hamlet wouldn’t have died (or like, almost everyone else), or screwed over Denmark.

1. Well go and ruin a classic, why don’t you?

The Breakfast Club.

If they did what they were told in the first place, no Saturday detention.

I mean…some of these are still guilty pleasures for me, though. I can’t help it!

Do you like any of these? Does it bother you when stupid characters exist to move the plot along?

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