15 Newspaper Layouts That Really Did Not Hit the Mark


Yowza. Can someone tell me what the heck happened here?

Someone clearly dropped the ball in these cases of newspaper fails, and I’d like to speak to the editor (or the manager, just like Karen).

These photos might infuriate you if you have an eye for details…and order…and layouts…

1. Hmmmm….

I’m glad he’s ok from tombstoning

2. Creepy little puppy.

That sick puppy! from tombstoning

3. They’re all in complete awe.

Show her the real you from tombstoning

4. The duck is watching.

Does this count from tombstoning

5. Way to go, George.

I hope this counts from tombstoning

6. Looks like a bloodbath.

What he lacked in remorse, he made up for in appetite. from tombstoning

7. Get ’em, Serena!

She’s Got a Hell of a Backhand… from tombstoning

8. Off to a good start.

Start ’em young! from tombstoning

9. Can’t keep a pirate down.

You’re a crook, Captain Hook. from tombstoning

10. She looks harmless to me.

(X-post from r/crappydesign) An old favourite of mine from my local newspaper from tombstoning

11. Which way do you want it?

Make up your mind from tombstoning

12. Looking kind of rough.

Matt’s been having a rough time lately from tombstoning

13. Might be a little extreme.

Some methods more extreme than others… (OR: I finally found this pic a good home!) from tombstoning

14. Throw away the key.

It’s always the clowns! from tombstoning

15. Poor little piggies.

Honestly the ham was a little dry. from tombstoning

Major fails!

But also pretty hilarious, if I do say so myself.