15 People Admit the Messed up Things They Did When They Were Kids

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Childhood is a strange time. You’re not a fully developed human yet and you obviously make A LOT of bad and just plain weird decisions.

Hopefully, you never did anything too bad, but let’s see how your past compares to these folks’…

AskReddit users opened up and spilled their guts about the messed-up things they did when they were kids…

1. Playing with fire.

“When I was 11, my friend and I soaked a tennis ball in gasoline and lit it on fire and with gloves on tossed it around with my friend. Just cause.

Ended up throwing it to him in an arc and he missed and it slid down his chest, leaving a on fire gasoline trail on his shirt.

Had 1st degree burns and we really got in trouble for that one.”

2. Sorry, brother.

“Gave my little brother ex-lax and told him it was chocolate when we were under 10.

I knew it would give him diarrhea, but I didn’t know how badly.

It was fucked up.”

3. That’s kind of crazy.

“I tried to poison my mom’s boyfriend. I was probably around 11. I had one of those science kits from the Scholastic book fair.

I took the citric acid and dumped the whole container into his drink.

He sipped it and just said, “this tastes like shit” and dumped it out LOL.”

4. A little creepy…

“Found a dead squirrel, put it in my tootsie-roll piggy bank, kept it under my bed for a while.

I thought death was interesting, I was around 8 or so.”

5. What does this word mean?

“I still cringe when I remember that I asked my 6th grade teacher what a blowjob was because some older kids kept talking about it.

She was cool though and told me.”

6. Juvenile delinquent.

“I put countless rocks on the train tracks in hopes of derailing it.

Filled a super soaker with rubbing alcohol and sprayed fire.”

7. Forgot about that one.

“I thought it would be a great practical joke to bury a corn holder, small handle with two sharp prongs to hold corn on the cob, pointy side up in my yard and wait for someone to step on it. Of course, being a kid after all, I lost interest after a time and forgot.

Sometime later in the summer, while walking bare foot, yes, I stepped on it. Fuck that hurt.

Learned a valuable lesson about practical jokes.”

8. That’s terrible.

“When I was probably 10, I practiced my golf swing on 20-30 toads in my driveway.

I am over 50 now and think about it often.”

9. Whoops.

“On 1991, after seeing Mike Tyson getting arrested on the news, I asked my dad what “rape” was, and he told me it meant “hurting a girl”.

So you can picture 7-8 year old me, running to the teacher to say stuff like “Teacher, come! Jack, John and George are raping Molly on the playground!”, or threatening my classmates with rape if they were annoying me (boys included, cos I thought this way I was also insulting them by calling them “girls”).”

10. What are you like now?

“I took a dump in a plastic bag and hid it in my closet for… reasons.

Also used to stick my wang out between the curtains of my bedroom window after bedtime when I first started getting boners because the risk of being seen was thrilling (I lived on a busy street). Guess I was a born exhibitionist.”

11. Definitely not safe.

“My cousins lived off a pretty major street growing up. We would put logs in the road for cars to run over because it would make a loud sound like a gunshot went off when it hit the bottom of their car.

We did this for awhile until a motorcycle almost ran over it and we realized how dangerous it was.”

12. Sorry, Mom…

“Replaced my mom’s sugar with salt on Aoril Fool’s in time for her morning coffee. She was separated but not divorced and teetering on the edge trying to make it work for her kids. As she took her first sip we giggled and shouted “April Fool” and she burst into tears.

I am still sorry I did that. We were so clueless. She did not deserve our stupidity.”

13. Bad idea.

“My friends and I used to walk around shooting windows out with bb guns.

This progressed to shooting people until one person threatened to call the police, and our families found out.

I feel horrible about it now. Kids really are assholes.”

14. An accident, but still…

“I stole my dead maternal grandmothers 30k engagement ring and lost it on the playground when I was 6 years old while my parents were losing the house.

I liked holding shiny things and I forgot about it.

We were basically almost homeless because of what I did. Dark thoughts…”

15. How’d it taste?!?!

“I made my brother and his friends a jug of kool-aid with water from the toilet.”

Well, that was certainly a nice trip down memory lane…

Okay, now it’s your turn. In the comments, tell us about the messed up things you did as a kid.

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