15 People and the Items They Don’t Mind Paying Top Dollar For

There are things in life that you can get away with deals on, and things you will regret not going top of the line.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference without trial and error, unfortunately, which can be a waste of money (even if you went with the cheap thing first).

If you’re hoping to mitigate some of those mistakes, here are 15 people willing to share the things that are always worth the money – so get your pencil and start a list, people!

15. It’s not even worth it.


Grocery store sushi is usually a hard pass, but there are a few exceptions. Where I live (US East coast), both Balducci’s and Wegman’s have very high quality sushi. Balducci’s in particular rivals many respectable sushi restaurants I’ve been to. Both also offer sashimi and low-carb options (usually they’ll make rolls using a very thin sheet of sliced cucumber in place of the rice).

Whole Foods (at least the 3 I’ve tried) is surprisingly disappointing. While the quality is fine, the portions are small, and the fish-to-rice ratio is way too low.

14. Not getting food poisoning is always worth it.

Most meats, particularly beef steak and fish.

Steak because the quality and texture change too much if you go for thinly-sliced roasts that pretend to be traditional steaks.

Seafood because when my local supermarket has a super cheap, 1/2 price sale on salmon fillets, its likely they are about to spoil. Most of the time they are bad before i even get it home.

13. And you won’t have to replace it as often.

A mattress.

Always spend high on a mattress – your back will thank you later.

Btw… you spend ONE THIRD of your life on these things.


12. Dawn gets it done.

Dish soap.

Nothing suds as well or gets my dishes as clean as Dawn.

I use blue dawn so much. It takes stains out of clothing, carpet, cleaning my rings off, the poo that got stuck to my cats butt…its so useful. When my oldest got her first apartment she asked about cleaining supplies & i told her #1 is blue dawn.

11. You definitely don’t want that to fail.


You’re probably talking about how they feel, but cheap condoms have matched/outperformed expensive ones in reliability tests.

If it’s not due to “brand name = pay more” then I’d guess it’s because the fancy ones are designed to be thinner but still fairly reliable.

10. They’re saving your life.

Car parts like tires and brakes, these are literally the most important part of your car if you are a daily driver.

They stop your car and keep you on the road you, yes they are expensive but it’s worth your life.

9. It will change your life.


Once I tried the fancy gold wrapper butter, I can’t go back to normal pleb butter.

It’s just not worth the wax paper that it’s wrapped with.

The flavor of the gold wrapper butter is so rich and creamy that you don’t have to use as much either.

8. Your nether regions will thank you.

Toilet paper.

I will thrift first for just about everything I need but will splurge on good quality toilet paper.

7. Nobody wants that.


I move around a lot in my trousers.

The cheap ones make me think about it twice tho.

I really don’t like when I have holes in my nether region.

6. It is 100% a privilege.


Grew up on frozen and canned foods.

I’m privileged enough now that all my food is fresh, and it’s incredibly expensive.

5. Stop it, woman!

My wife insists on buying batteries at the dollar store. THEY DON’T F**KING WORK!!!

I’ve rationally explained to her multiple times that they aren’t worth buying because they just don’t have enough juice to power anything but the remote control, but she absolutely refuses to spend the money on Duracell or Energizer and keeps bringing home 8 AAs for $1 that all end up in the garbage.

4. A few key items.


You will be dealing with random, uneven baldness or they’ll flat out just go flat randomly or start leaking air from a slight bump. The minute I got quality tires was a breath of fresh air. Also, you should not skimp on anything related to your car unless you don’t have a choice due to financial reasons. That thing is responsible for your life most of the time.

My Dad had two other things that you should never go cheap on in addition to tires and those were a mattress and shoes.

Mattress is because you spend most of your life sleeping and being on a bad mattress is going to make you feel the consequences for years. A good night’s sleep sets the pace for your entire day.

Shoes because you’re walking in them most of the time, so take care of your feet for the same reason to get a quality mattress to take care of your back/spine.

3. If you know, you know.

Tin/Aluminum Foil.

Reynolds Heavy Duty, accept no substitutes.

That stuff rips just looking at it

2. All parents learn this eventually.


Sure knock-off brands may be cheaper as Lego is extremely costly, but it HAS to be the real thing or I immediately hate it.

We call it Heretic Lego in my house…banished on detection.

1. Especially if you’re a runner.

Running shoes.

Go get fitted and everything. You will not regret it.

I definitely wouldn’t have thought of some of these things but I totally agree!

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!