15 People Come Up With New And Amazing Animals We Definitely Need

Most of us haven’t really considered playing god, but what if you had the power to create anything you wanted to, right now. Would you use that power for selfish pleasure, like the best boops and pets, or would you come up with a living creature that would help make the world a better place?

Reddit is pretty much split on how they would use their power, but honestly, I can’t see a downside to any of these 15 pretty great ideas.

15. Who doesn’t want a pet bear?

A species of Bear similar to Grizzlies except they are very loyal human companions similar to dog companionship.

14. Just because we can.

Something equally as weird as a platypus.

Probably the size of a bear, would make it bioluminescent for no reason, like a platypus. Would probably make it fly in a kind of bee situation where it’s against physics that it flies, but it somehow can.

You know what? A flying, bioluminescent bear sounds pretty cool to me.

13. But with a twist.

Dragons, and make them naturally friendly to humans, as cool as they are, they would still frighten the crap out off me.

On a second note, yeah, maybe I wouldn’t make them inherently friendly to humans, that would suck.

12. No bones about it.

Definitely Pokémon.

Even in the games and shows it resulted in alot of problems, that’s why most of the space in the pokemon world is pure wilderness with nobody around.

And it took people a very long time to adapt to pokemon the way it is in the show and the games.

That being said I still want pokemon to exist.

11. Just get a Great Pyrenees. Same thing.

Polar bear dog.

10. I could get behind this.

I would take the base of a bird, about the size of a robin. Give it the sheer speed of a falcon, with the manueverability of a hummingbird.

It never needs to sleep and is comfortable around humans, friendly to kids. Dogs and cats dont feel the need to chase or eat it. And lastly….

It feeds entirely on FLYING A$$HOLES (wasps, hornets, mosquitos, junebugs) with sick precision seen only in serial killers.

P.s. will also groom your other pets and eat those parasites too

9. I was waiting for this one.


Half man, half bear, half pig.

8. Bless your heart.

a bacteria that can cure any cancer

7. There’s always one.

I would make Jackalopes and snipes real…just to mess with people.

6. I mean…

Make Gnolls real and give them regional variants everywhere, because I for one, am a man of chaos and want to make the world even deadlier.

Another intelligent species that can use tools and pose a real threat could be what humanity needs to unify and keep ourselves from self destruction.

5. He should be nervous.

Me: “Ooh, gimme a minute”

rapidly navigating chrome on my phone

God: sweating “Why are you browsing manga?”

4. Who doesn’t want that?

A unicorn for my little sister.

It’s like a trained attack dog with a pointy lance, except it’s a cool horse.

3. Absolute chaos.

Highly intelligent dodos so they can become aware of what we did to them and declare war on us. All nations will unite against the common enemy and for a brief moment there will finally be peace among all people regardless of race or gender, but at a terrible cost.

Dodos will eventually replace us as the dominant species. We will then be given the option to either be enslaved or flee to space. That, or giant axolotls.

2. Can it like pets?

Half elephant, half rhino.

What’s it called?


1. The dream.

A dog that could understand human speech and could also speak back ( any language ).

I mean, how can you really go wrong? Disappointed no one mentioned lemurs, though.

What would you create? I want to hear about it in the comments!