16 People Laugh About What They Would Shout To The World If They Could

Wouldn’t it be kind of cool to have an invisible megaphone that reached everyone in the world at once? Kind of like you’re a god or another sort of mystical creature that could speak directly into people’s minds?

What would you say, though?

Whether they plan to whisper or shout, these 16 people have some pretty hilarious, clever, and downright evil ideas.

16. It would be disturbing for sure.

Just start moaning.

What scares me is the thought that a good portion of the world would be sleeping, only to be woken up by loud moaning.

15. This made me spit out my coffee.

It’s pronounced jod.

Every day we stray further from jod.

14. It would be no surprise that we failed.

“We’ve been tasked to analyze your civilization, colony 3B46C13, to determine whether you will be terminated or assisted in colonization beyond your local system.

When we come back and begin this process, we will be expecting a peaceful society that lacks aggression or selfishness, if you do not meet the requirements as a safe and kind society then we will be forced to stunt your colonies growth.”

13. With a nice long pause.



12. For good reasons.

Licking doorknobs is illegal on other planets.

11. Time for a group hug.

We’re all on the same team.

10. If a 4yo was in charge.

I wouldn’t say anything, I would expel a huge sonorous fart.

9. It’s a fair gripe.


8. Run, little rats.

“You have 50 years to leave this planet before I come and wipe you all, better start working together quick. By the way, I’ll eat the rich first.”

Then watch the rats leave the ship…

7. It might not go like you think.

‘Yes. It is me god. I am real.’

Then watch the world slowly burn…

I remember in school on a small scale (much smaller) did an experiment of this type thing. Outcome is not what you expect.

6. Dun dun DUN.

“Hello? Hello, can you hear me? Hellooo? Okay, I think I got it. Uhhh, hi everyone.

First off, I’d like to say that I’m really sorry I have to do this, but we’re gonna close down the EARTH Simulation for some big fixes, so if everyone could please log out now, that would be great.

Anyone not logged out in the next 10 minutes will probably have their account terminated, so please, get out ASAP.

Servers will be up and running again within a couple of hours, so this shouldn’t turn out like it did last time”

5. We’re trying, ok?

You need to wake up.

4. OMG stop it.

Whadup it’s ya boi. Don’t forget to smash that like button and make sure to follow me on instagram.

Thank you for purchasing the operating system life version 3.5 for better life and better upgrades please purchase life 4.2

3. It’s hard to blame them.

“I am so disappointed in how this turned out. Clearly, Humanity was a failed experiment. I’ll try again elsewhere.”

2. The truth is right here.

Aliens are among you. Look to your left and then your right and you just looked at an Alien. We are not alone in this universe

1. Things are getting serious.


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