These Sea Creature Teabags “Come Alive” Inside Your Morning Cuppa

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People have been drinking tea since, well, basically the beginning of human time, so maybe you think there could never be anything new under the sun.

You would be wrong, though, because straight from the Land of the Rising Sun – that’s Japan, folks – come these adorable tea bags cut to look like animate sea creatures.

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재밌게 차를 마실 수 있는 동물 티백 일본 차 회사인 Ocean Tea Bag 에서는 재밌는 티백들을 만듭니다. 2015 년 크라우드 펀딩 (crowdfunding)을 통해 첫 번째 제품 돌고래 티백을 만든 이후 지금까지 문어, 오징어, 너구리, 수달, 개복치, 가오리, 거북이, 여우, 개구리 등의 티백을 만들었습니다. 그러고보니 물 속 생물이 좀 많네요. ^^ 간단한 새 모양이나 옷걸이 모양은 봤지만 이렇게 정교한 티백 디자인은 많이 보지 못해서 더 눈길이 가나 봅니다. 나른한 오후시간이나 하루 일과를 마친 저녁에 차 한 잔 마시면서 물 속 생물을 보면 소소한 재미를 느낄 수 있을 것 같아요. #디자인 #아이디어 #재밌는 #작품 #차 #티백 #동물 #재미 #여유 #oceanteabag #카카오스토리 #디자인이야기 #퍼왔어요

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Ocean Teabag teamed up with oddity shop and bookstore Village Vanguard to create the series of themed teabags, and…y’all. I’m going to need one of each immediately.

The original series included a jellyfish, octopus, isopods, and some land animals like the tanuki, and once you soak the bags in your tea, the creatures appear to be swimming in your cup.

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I only learned about @oceanteabag today and I am fully obsessed! Look how cute all the teas are! #tea #oceanteabag

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I mean, in a world that puts a high value on anything Instagrammable, this is some genius marketing!

Their design team consists of just 10 people, but these teas are so cute, unique, and delicious that it seems like they might be looking to expand those numbers soon.

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. わーい? 「OCEAN-TEABAG 」さんの“シーラカンス フォロー&リツイート”キャンペーンに当選したー? . 飲みたいけど…もったいなくてまだ開けられない。 . #OCEANTEABAG #オーシャンティーバッグ #キャンペーン #シーラカンス ‪. . あ、もう1パックあった?‬ ‪全部で4パック当たりました?‬

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The  two  bestsellers are the squid tea bag, which is full of black Pu’er tea meant to mimic squid ink, and the octopus, which is Keemun tea.

Though the penguin toting Chamomile has got to be in the running!

They’re looking to improve on the uniqueness of their products, too, and are researching ways to make the bags glow, and even move, which would be pretty damn cool.

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Японская компания Ocean Teabag перевернула представление о дизайне чайных пакетиков. Теперь в чашке можно заварить кальмара, котика или даже лягушку. Источник: E-squire (Вконтакте). Как думаете, сам чай-то нормальный у них? ? #Esquire #vk #чайвпакетиках #чайныйпакетик етик #чашкачая #Япония #Japan #japantea #oceanteabag

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You can choose from more than 50 types of unique bags on their website, and they’ll cost you around $16 each – but that’s a small price to pay for this funky Japanese tea. Especially now that Japanese tea is quickly disappearing (though tea has been an integral part of Japanese culture for centuries, it is currently at an all-time low).

I don’t know about you, but my cabinets – and my Instagram – definitely need some of these bags in their lives!