15 People Confess the ‘Kind Gestures’ That Actually Piss Them Off

Image Credit: Pixabay

You know the moment – the one where you grit your teeth and smile because you know the other person is trying to be “kind”, but you still kind of want to punch them in the face?

Below are 15 of those, so get ready.

#15. Come on just take it.

“Would you like some/a “insert random food or drink””, no I am good but thank you. No here take it. No I really don’t want it. Come on just take it.

If I don’t want any don’t force me, it isn’t a nice gesture once you start hounding me about it.”

#14. Capable.

“So I walk with a cane and I can’t lift much, however when I’m insisting that I CAN do a particularly small thing it really upsets me when people insist on doing it for me anyway. It makes me feel weaker and embarrassed. Seriously, offer people with handicaps help, of course please do that, but if they are insisting that they are fine then please let them do that thing they are capable of; for me it makes me feel just a little bit more empowered.

Also thank you for your kindness, I don’t mean to diminish it or seem ungrateful.”

#13. A clear line of sight.

“People making the “suicide gap” during heavy traffic. I can’t see past your fucking truck or van and I’m not about to stick my car into an active lane that isn’t slowing down. Your lane may be stopped but the lane next to you is rolling on and people who give me that “wtf” look piss me off to no end. This bullshit is how accidents happen just keep moving and I’ll wait until I have a clear line of sight to go and not rely on you waving me through to my death.

EDIT: I understand some people are still confused so I’ll describe it better. This gap only applies to non-highway roads and for Europeans the US has dedicated lanes that only allow for right turns at the intersection however a lot of these right turn lanes start a block or two away and people will move into the lane as soon as it opens up which means people will be speeding down the lane to get to the intersection to turn right. Of course this means that they won’t be able to see past the vehicles and of course someone will use the opportunity to gun it into the plaza.

Of course this gap is perfectly fine to leave open if all lanes are backed up and all lanes are stopped. Another big issue with these gaps is that a lot of the time people will move into the lanes so their vehicles are sideways on to the stopped lanes but are then waiting for the other lane to clear before going which means they are now blocking two lanes of traffic and waiting for the third turning lane to be clear which will cause even more headaches for everyone involved. Traffic can no longer flow even if the light is green because they’ve created a roadblock with their vehicles.”

#12. Take it to the charity shop.

“People saying “these are about your size aren’t they?” and giving me a big bag of clothes, like yeah, thanks mum but nothing is my style and now I’m stuck with a big bag of stuff you should’ve taken to the charity shop.”

#11. The quiet one in a group.

“When you’re the quiet one in a group and somebody points out in front of everyone.

EDIT: wow didn’t expect this to blow up, thanks for the gold strangers!”

#10. When you have the right of way.

“Yielding in traffic when you have the right of way.”

#9. Let me wallow.

“When you’ve just gone through a rough time and people try consoling/one-upping you by telling their hardship story.

Let me wallow in my own misery please.”

#8. Now I have to wait.

“When someone is walking behind me & they push the button to make the automatic door open right as I’m trying to go through it. Thanks, now I have to wait while this slow-ass door opens when I could’ve just quickly opened it myself.”

#7. A cycle of guilt.

“Receiving birthday or Christmas gift from loose acquaintance, thus creating cycle of guilt or undesired effort.”

#6. Butt-to-crotch style.

“Holding the door for me but from the inside of the doorframe so I have to like… scoot by them butt-to-crotch style

Edit: My first silver!! Thank you!! ? you must go butt to crotch as well, comrade. Edit 2: I’m not worthy! ?”

#5. I like it.

“When people feel compelled to eat with me if I’m eating alone. Where did this notion come from that it’s sad to eat alone? I like it, it’s peaceful.”

#4. You are just confusing people.

“Breaking the order of how things should move in order to give someone the ability to go first. Now you are just confusing people and wasting time.”

#3. Surprise gifts.

“People being given pets as a surprise gift for Christmas or a birthday. I’m sure many of them will have a good home nonetheless, but some of them will end up in situations that are not fully thought-out with people who may not be up to the task of being a responsible pet owner because they either never had a say in it or view pets as toys.”

#2. A dent in my self-pride.

“Sympathetic” Valentine’s Day cards.

The only thing worse than knowing that no-one is attracted to me is knowing that someone pities me. Not having anyone be attracted to me is fairly easy to live with. Being pitied puts a dent my self-pride.”

#1. Drives me crazy.

“Not telling me something to protect me. Drives me crazy.”

Remember these the next time you’re tempted to go out of your way to be “kind” to someone else!