15 People Confess the Insanely Popular Movie They Actually Can’t Stand

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There was an episode of Seinfeld where Elaine saw and despised The English Patient, a movie beloved by her boss, her boyfriend, all of her friends, and even the waitress at the coffee shop. And then all of them shun (or fire) Elaine because she hates the movie.

Remember that?

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Below are 15 movies that are so “universally” loved that the people who hate them are afraid to say so for fear of similar reprisal.

Do you see any in there that look familiar?

#15. Just a cool premise.

“Bird Box.

It really seems like someone thought up the cool premise and then they tried to force a script into it.

Although i gotta say, the scene with the parking sensors in the car was super cool.”

#14. Remnants continue to resurface.


Watched it once, thought “eh Disney” and 6 years later remnants of it still continue to surface”

#13. Just a love letter to musicals of the past.

“La La Land.

It was just a love letter to musicals of the past. Well-done, but not groundbreaking or particularly memorable in and of itself.

All of my friends who had never really seen musicals went crazy for it and I couldn’t stand hearing the songs from it played.”

#12. It should have been offensive.

“Ready Player One was horrendous and should have been offensive to anyone who’s ever played a video game, something which Spielberg has clearly never done.”

#11. Can’t watch it.

“Anything that’s “so bad that it’s good”.

I can’t watch that shit.”

#10. A reason to get Sandra Bullock in her skimpies.

“F**king Gravity. I hated that movie.

I work for an aerospace firm that makes stuff for the ISS. That movie felt like a reason to get Sandra Bullock in her skimpies.

Space isn’t sexy. Space is full of a rats nest of cables and 30 year old equipment that’s miraculously being kept on life support by an extremely dedicated group of engineers.

That, and what the f**k was satellite debris doing in the same orbit as the ISS?”

#9. I secretly want the dinosaurs to win.

“Jurassic World.

I don’t get how it became so popular.

I secretly want the dinosaurs to win and eat all the main characters.”

#8. Considering divorce.

“My wife hates Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Wondering if I should be considering divorce.”

#7. The first three movies suck.

The Hunger Games is probably my favorite book series, but the first three movies suck.

I didn’t watch the last one.

#6. I’m not afraid.

“I’m not afraid to clearly state my opinion of anything.

I don’t like any of the current crop of action movies”

#5. I don’t get what’s so romantic.

“The Notebook.

I don’t get what’s so romantic about a guy hanging on a ferris wheel to make you go on a date with him.

That’s basically blackmailing.”

#4. Immature and obnoxious.

“Sausage Party.

All critics liked it because it had “meaning” but I thought it was an immature and obnoxious experience.”

#3. A live action Fern Gully.


It’s a live action Fern Gully.”

#2. Mind-numbingly boring.

“”Lincoln” was a mind-numbingly boring movie that’s “highlights” were Daniel Day-Lewis being Daniel Day-Lewis with a fake beard.

I majored in Political Science (pro-tip: DON’T). I knew what was going on and the maneuverings that were happening and etc.

Did not change the fact that it was an insanely boring movie.

#1. So bad it’s good.

“The Room is incredible because it tried so earnestly to be an excellent film and flopped spectacularly.

Movies like Sharknado are boring (to me) because they try so hard to be quirky. Huge difference.”

Just be honest – you just might find your tribe in the process!

Okay, any of these make you feel the same? Have movies you want to share of your own?

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