15 People Confess the Stupid Questions They’ve Always Wanted to Ask

Chances are you’ve got one of these locked away, too.

It’s a question you really, really want to know the answer to, but you figure it’s so obvious that anyone you queried would get a good laugh at your expense.

Some of these, though, might have you wondering too.

#15. When life gives you lemons…

“Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?”

#14. Under water

“Do professional swimmers sweat when they are training under water?”

#13. On the sidewalks and in stores?

“Here in america land we drive on the right and in busy hallways and sidewalks people walk on the right side.

Since England and a host of other places drive on the left – Do their people also walk on the left on sidewalks and in stores?”

#12. Stocks.

“I don’t actually understand what stock is.

When you buy stock what part of a company are you buying? What do you get back out of it?

Whenever someone explains it to me it’s like here have an imaginary portion of the company this portion is immaterial and worth money somehow.

Why would anyone buy stock at a high price?

Don’t you always want to buy low and “sell high” but who would buy a stock high when it’s less likely to make a profit when it’s already at a high price?

How does news and implying something about a stock make it fraud, like what if you said “My stock is really great buy it I love my stock” and it influences your stock?”

#11. After they’re born?

“Do dads start telling dad jokes to attract a mate or do the powers come after the child is born?”

#10. Was there a contingency plan?

“When Apollo 11 was launched and we stepped foot on the moon, was NASA 100% confident that there was no intelligent life up there?

Was there a contingency plan in place in the event that there was?”

#9. Why doesn’t it just cancel out?

“If a bunch of countries owe debt to each other, why doesn’t it just.. cancel out or something?”

#8. After the bus driver?

“WHO closes the door after the bus driver?”

#7. Dirty water?

“So when you’re using a mop and bucket, you have clean water and some kind cleaner in the bucket, you dip the mop in the bucket, mop the floor, then put the mop back in the bucket to rinse it off, water is now dirty, and then you’re supposed to…continue mopping the floor?

Aren’t you now using dirty water and spreading it around?

So why do I see custodial staff doing exactly this? Am I doing something wrong by doing this at home?

Are you supposed to change the water every 5 mins, as in, once you rinse the mop the first time and the water turns dirty, you go empty it out?”

#6. How are they rich enough?

“Do people who have a net worth of billions of dollars actually have access to billions of dollars?

Like I know that if they liquidated everything they would then have billions, but then how are they rich enough to buy expensive s**t?

Do they sell/liquidate something every time they want to buy expensive stuff?”

#5. Before said gizmo?

“How would deaf couples attend to a newborn crying at night?

There must be some kind of gizmo to wake them and if there is, what did they do before said gizmo?”

#4. Something we’d know naturally?

“If you put a male and female on an island with zero knowledge about s*x, would they have s*x after an X amount of time?

Basically is s*x something that we’d know naturally or has always been passed on generation after generation?”

#3. How do people not steal it?

“When you go to a convenience store and there’s an ice cooler but it’s outside how do you get the ice?

Like do you go say hey can I have one ice or do you bring it inside? How do people not steal it?”

#2. What about bidets?

“Why haven’t bidets taken off in the US?

What is unique about Japan and bidets?”

#1. Where does wind start?

“Where the f**k does wind start?

You know what they say — there’s no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid people asking questions!

So, do you have any burning questions you’ve been wanting to ask FOREVER?

Do that in the comments, yo!