15 People Confess What Makes Them Immediately Judge Another Person

Image Credit: Pixabay

If you’re someone who worries about how other people see you or what they think about you, you might be interested in these people’s confessions about what makes them think poorly of random folks – or maybe the better thing is just to stop caring what other people think.

It’s worked for me.

#15. Selfie culture.

“When they have themselves as their phone wallpaper.”

#14. Kids and pets.

“How they treat their kids or pets.”

#13. Turn signals.

“Seeing someone making a turn in their car without using their turn signals.

Fuck all the way off with that.”

#12. Doggy behavior.

“Them not being able to control their dog. I hold my judgment for anyone who at least makes an effort, but anyone who just ignorantly let their dog misbehave is judged to no end.”

#11. No questions asked.

“People who blindly follow something and refuse to discuss the topic being in a state of ignorance thinking that it is always right no questions asked even when proved wrong with fact.”

#10. Other people.

“How they talk about other people. Also how they talk TO other people.”

#9. Being unaware.

“Them being unaware or just not caring about how they affect other people. Common examples being taking up an entire hallway and walking slowly, being extremely loud (especially when those around you are trying to listen to or watch something), etc.”

#8. No empathy.

“when they show a lack of empathy. im in my first semester of college and the girl in the room next to mine got dumped in the hallway by her friends and she was drunk out of her mind. me and a few others were attempting to get her to go to sleep in her room before the RAs came out, and one of the guys that lived on our floor came out of his room, saw the situation and laughed. he looked me in the eyes and said “i don’t get why you bother. i wouldn’t help her, i don’t give a fuck about her.” by the time we got her into bed, she had also been crying intermittenly and calling for her mom, who we found out was in a coma at that time. i wont forget how heartless that guy was and every time i see him it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”

#7. Bumper stickers.

“Bumper stickers, (not sure if they’re common in other countries but a small percentage of Americans need to advertise their unique flavors of insanity using stickers on their cars.) I will read them all and judge you if they’re stupid. I have a flat-earther in my town, according to her car stickers. She probably believes her GPS, but apparently doesn’t want to think too hard about the satellite part. I believe her to be stupid.”

#6. MLM.

“They are part of an MLM.”

#5. Their SO.

“People who humiliate their SO in public or complain about them on Facebook.”

#4. Their attitude on the first day.

“I judge new hires where I work on their attitude the first day. I know they won’t be experts the first day (I was awful too when I first started), but I look at their demeanor: are they on time? Do they speak and treat others respectfully? Do they ask appropriate questions and learn from them?

I can tell almost immediately how well a new hire will work out.”

#3. Wait for a trash can.

“Littering! Especially throwing cigarette ends all over the place when they’re too lazy to wait for a trash can that’s probably waiting around the corner!”

#2. Stupid names.

“If they give their kids stupid names.”

#1. Rush hour on the train.

“Taking up an extra seat with their bag during rush hour on the train.”

I have to say, I agree with some/all of these. How about you?