15 People Dish on the Quickest Way to Offend Someone in Their Country

Image Credit: Pixabay

It’s no secret that cultures and norms are different across the globe, and that can translate into visitors and travelers unintentionally offending people along the way. If being accidentally offensive is something you worry about, well, we’ve got you covered!

Or at least, the 15 people below have your back when it comes to their homeland.

#15. Here in Michigan.

“Here in Michigan we love to complain about the snow. People here say they hate snow, but brag about how much their town is getting hosed. A normal conversation in winter here would be “Have you heard Muskegon got 12 inches of snow last night?” “Oh, that’s not bad, Holland had 14 inches”

#14. Meanwhile, in America.

“Say literally anything. ??”

#13. Hmm.

“Kenya: Clicking your tongue at someone. It’s a sign of contempt.”

#12. Generally unfunny and tiring.

“Confusing Budapest and Bucharest will piss off most Hungarians, and also Romanians, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Hungry-Hungary puns will not piss us off, but are seen generally unfunny and tiring.”

#11. In Thailand.

“Thailand, Don’t touch people on their heads, it is the highest point of the body so therefore it’s the most respectful part. Also never point your feet at a Buddha statue, it’s considered very rude.

Also, if you step on money, you’ll be thrown in jail, it has the king’s face on it and disrespecting him in anyway (like stepping on his image or saying you hate him) will get you a 1 way ticket to a not very nice prison.”

#10. You might as well be dead.

“In London if you get on the tube before everyone’s finished getting off you might as well be dead.”

#9. From a Dane.

“Mistaking us for Swedes.”

#8. Canadian, here.

“Not apologizing for apologizing.”

#7. A fight in Belgium.

“To pour beer in the wrong glass or call Heineken a beer will get you into a fight in Belgium.”

#6. Watch them flip out.

“For Mexicans (and latin americans in general) tell them that you, being from the US, come from America. They’ll flip their shit. Or, if you are a European, tell them you will be traveling to America (obviously meaning the US). Watch. Them. Flip. Out.”

#5. How to make a New Zealander cringe.

“New Zealand? What part of Australia is that?”

#4. From the Netherlands.

“We’re pretty chill in general, and we like to think we’re open-minded, but a pedestrian standing still on a bicycle path is an affront to all Gods and shall be scorned as such.”

#3. How to get a German’s (proverbial) goat.

“If you put sauce on your Schnitzel. I know its not my buissnes how you eat your Schnitzel but come on bruh!?


#2. Australians are not savages.

“When someone is drunk at a bar and they get called “mate” by the bouncer before getting kicked out.

Mowing down emus in your 4WD

Assuming that Australians are less educated or stupid because we have ridiculous slang.

Making the assumption that we actually voted in our Prime Ministers – we might occasionally be a little backwards but we’re not savages.”

#1. Not from Uruguay.


-Saying that tango, mate and dulce de leche are from Uruguay

-Claiming Falkland Islands are british

Pele bigger than Maradona”

The more you know!