15 People Get Real About What Annoys Them Most About the Pandemic

I feel very fortunate that no one in my family or my immediate friend group has been sick with the coronavirus.

I realize that I’ve been very lucky in that regard.

But there are still plenty of things about this crisis and its ramifications that I find very annoying…and I’m sure that you probably do, too.

I mean, it’s pretty much disrupted every single thing on the planet for the past six months.

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about what they find annoying about the pandemic.

1. Sad, but pretty true.

“It really did bring out the worst in people.

Personalities and harmful opinions were brought to the surface and you learned a lot about people.”

2. There’s this.

“Massive corporations seizing the opportunity to further hoard wealth, crush small business, and extract “bailouts” from the government.”

3. Very rude.

“That I’ve been inside and isolating and put all my plans on hold since March, and thanks to so many people being selfish, there’s still no end in sight.”

4. No gym for now.

“I cant go to the gym. It has totally messed up my routine.

I have some weights and stuff at home to keep at least some level of fitness, and I still do cardio, calisthenics, etc. but it is just not the same.

Also with weights as expensive as they are, no way I can find 350+ lbs of weights, and a squat rack, and a bench on a budget. If I did, would I really want to keep all that in my apartment? How would my neighbors feel about me dead lifting?

I have gained a little weight, lost a lot of muscle mass, and basically totally f*cked up my physique that I worked for years to build. I look now like I did about 4 years ago, and I am afraid it will take me that long to build it back up again.”

5. Wow.

“The deaths of 19 of my close friends and how many people have callously said “Well, they had an underlying condition so they were going to die anyway.”

Or the say “They died from their underlying condition and the doctors just said Covid so that they could get money.”

Autoimmune diseases don’t develop from someone’s poor choices. I’ve been in the autoimmune community for just under 25 years and never have so many of my friends died in so short amount of time.

It wasn’t their fault and they had worth and value.”

6. Infuriating.

“People who would otherwise be very shaken up by people dying in any other circumstance (a terrorist attack, for example) treating this pandemic as if it’s a hoax.”

7. Nothing new.

“The people who think that the government telling us what to do regarding health and safety is something new.

The government literally assigns a number for every single person, knows our address, and requires us to pay taxes.”

8. Back and forth.

“Lack of leadership and accountability.

First, it was stay inside to flatten the curve, then stay inside for a vaccine, and now… it’s what? Just both sides arguing with each other with no end in sight.

And I was curious so I looked up the Spanish Flu to see a blueprint of how to handle this and apparently, the Spanish Flu just ended by basically killing everyone or developing immunity.

So, that isn’t reassuring at all.”

9. They’re not helping.

“That people complain so much about being stuck in quarantine, but won’t do what they’re asked and follow directions so we can speed this sh*t up.”

10. Oh, you’re a doctor?

“How quickly everyone and their grandmother became an expert in epidemiology.

People need to learn to stay in their lane.

You’re not amplifying the experts, you’re just adding to the cacophony.”

11. Bad market.

“The job market.

I just graduated college and LinkedIn keeps suggesting me jobs as cashiers at gas stations, cooks at fast food restaurants, and work-from-home call centers.

What did I spend $50,000 getting my degree for?”

12. The rules.

“Idiots who don’t understand that “no mask = no service” and it’s not my policy, I just have to enforce it.

This applies not only to clientele, but to my subordinates, some of whom feel that they don’t have to enforce this policy If they don’t care to.”

13. Rough stuff.

“Kids not being in school.

We were told for years that too much screen time is bad for them. Now my elementary age kids spend 5+ hours per day in front of the computer.

Just terrible.”

14. It’s all bad news to me.

“That millions die from hunger and it’s not on the news and being taken care of.

Coronavirus is only scary news because it can affect the rich just the same as the poor.”

15. Misinformation.


I don’t mean a huge conspiracy theory or any political party using COVID-19 to their advantage (thought there is some of that).

I mean businesses, media, schools, local governments, etc. lying to the public and/or suppressing information. Some of them probably have an agenda (e.g., schools), but I suspect much of this boils down to apathy or ignorance.

When people say “the pandemic has brought out the worst,” they are usually referring to people and their actions. However, it has brought out a much “worse worst” in our institutions.

My cynicism used to be strong, but now it’s over 9000.”

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