15 People Muse on the Things They Really Wish Existed

We spend a lot of time laughing about the weird things that exist in our modern world, but less time pondering what it is we don’t have yet – probably because we have so much more than we could have imagined already.

These 15 people aren’t afraid, though, and here are the things they really think should exist, even if they don’t.

15. Keep dreaming.

A reliable printer.

A plug and play printer, we’ve been waiting 20 years…

14. It’s coming…

Man made pancreas. Would really help us diabetics.

Years ago I saw a documentary about kidneys made in “labs” and they were like “should be around in the next years”. I think it has been over 10 years….

I feel like I always read or watch this sort of things that I never see available then… Maybe costs or failed to be certified or something, I don’t know…

13. One thing and then the other.

A way to easily and inexpensively desalinated water.

The reason it is so expensive is the energy it requires to do so. Now if we could have a cheap clean energy, this will happen.

12. Wouldn’t that be great.

A cure for paralysis.

Surgeons in Poland managed to cure paralysis of someone who was stabbed by taking cells from their nasal cavity and using it to regrow nerve cells in their spine, so we might be seeing a lot more of that in the coming decades.

11. Get on it, science.

Unicorns. I mean, it’s just a single horn on a horse. How can that not exist.

10. It’s complicated.

Tooth regeneration. We can break a bone and it will heal itself, but crack a tooth and you’re screwed

Simply put, making a tooth involves many many layers of tissues(dental lamina, follicle, papilla, etc) from two different origins(the ectomesenchyme and mesenchyme) communicating with each other via signal molecules from 300+ genes. This interaction goes on for more than a decade until a tooth is fully formed to its root.

One of the professors I know specializes in tooth regen research, and he actually confessed he regrets ever taking on the subject because it is way too complex and even he doesn’t know if it’ll ever be possible.…

9. Those filmmakers were visionaries.

Anything from Back To The Future, Part 2

8. We have options.

An eco-friendly and economically-viable way of getting rid of garbage permanently.

Incinerate it, grind the metals to a fine powder, mix the metal with the burned ash of the non metals, press it into bricks using a 1000 ton press, build houses for homeless people.

As long as you filter the smoke and use the captured carbon in the bricks, I think it’d work.

I dunno I just smoke weed and fantasize about being rich enough to save the planet.

7. The dream.

AI controlled stoplights that eliminate unnecessary waits. Nobody should stop at a stoplight where cars are not already passing in front of them.

They’ll probably make you watch commercials while the light is red though.

6. This for sure needs to be a thing.

A “find your remote” button, on your tv

Also, bring back the buttons that used to be on the bottom of TVs which make it possible to do basic things, like adjust the volume, change the channel, and turn the damned thing on/off if you can’t use the remote for whatever reason (lost, broken, batteries drained, etc…)

5. I’ll take one of each.

Puppy sized elephants.

And elephant sized puppies

4. This is probably a pipe dream.

Free PDF editing software.

I bet you already know, but PDF as it was conceived back in the 90s was never meant to be edited. Consequently, PDF editing software sucks by design. People are forced to use it in ways the file format wasn’t even built for. Even its creator laments that creating and viewing PDFs is great but editing/processing is difficult.

Its only purpose was to store and present documents consistently on any kind of system thrown at it (which was and is still no easy feat). To be truly immutable. The trade off for immutability is that changing it is a PITA, by definition.

3. For my math and science nerds.

If we are talking physics, then negative mass.

All the maths check out and even doing a pseudo negative mass experiment with water proves the math to be completely correct, but we don’t know if negative mass even exists.

2. The bar is moving.

Fusion clean energy, always 10 years away.

1. We would all vote for this.

Completely frosted pop tarts.

I bought some pop tarts that advertised they were x amount more frosted than the original. Opened the box and it was the same miserable spread of frosting on there, I was so annoyed (and bored that day) that I called the number on the box, asked just exactly how much more frosting was on them because they looked exactly the same, the sugar content was the same, so what was the difference.

She didn’t have an answer and just sent me coupons for free pop tarts.

The End.

I have to say, now that I’m thinking about it, I agree with most of these.

What would you put on this list? Give us your argument in the comments!