15 People Recall Life Lessons They Learned From Having Roommates

There are lessons to be learned from every experience in life. You have to be open to learning them, of course, and hopefully not repeating the ones that turn out to be huge mistakes.

These 15 people definitely learned some interesting things living with others – some that will last a lifetime and others that are hilariously specific – and I promise you won’t regret taking the time to scroll.

15. Don’t let it fester.

Better have an early fight about smtg you want to be done rather than hold grudge until the situation becomes unbearable for everyone.

Yet some people never change and friends can both become awesome or terrible roommates

14. You’re never going to agree.

In that same vein: If you’re not a smoker, don’t move in with a smoker.

13. Very specific.

No matter how nice your roommates girlfriend seems (even if she talks to you about how she doesn’t like his new frats history of SA to show just how decent she may be) she could be arrested and convicted of first degree murder at any time.

12. It will save you a ton of headaches.

More generally, move with like minded people.

If you’re “fun” and you’re with a bunch of people who’d rather it be quiet, either you’ll be frustrated that you can’t have people over or they’ll resent you for doing it. It goes both ways.

I party a ton. The year I had the most fun, I lived with a couple of guys where we could all agree that we the flat would have a ton of people over a lot of the time, and that was fine as long as we kept things clean. We mostly partied all together and cleaned up together in the morning, and it was great.

11. No one loves going to the store.

If you left money for the food you ate, the other person still has to go to the store again to buy what you ate.

Even if you pay for it, it doesn’t mean they’re cool with making the extra trips to go get the food they were relying on being at home.

10. The towel cleans ME.

People are f**king disgusting: roomy went half a year without washing his towel because “I’m always clean when I use it”

9. This feels real.

People that are lactose intolerant will risk their life for good mac and cheese.

8. Never have I ever.

I had a roommate who never washed his bedsheets. I get it, when I was a single guy, I maybe washed mine once every month or two.

However, my roommate was a big guy who worked outdoors and often watch TV on his bed before taking a shower. Any time he left his door open, his window AC would blow out a stench that could gag a maggot. There was even a dark stain that looked like the Shroud of Turin on his sheets.

Never in my time living there did I see him wash his sheets.

7. In all walks of life.

Setting boundaries are more important than you’d think.

6. Appearances are not everything.

The richest, most clean looking people can be an absolute mess!

My housemate (a first year lawyer still paying off his student debt) was a really good lawyer with an expensive suit on the moment he stepped out of the door.

You would trip if you ever entered his room/restroom however. Lucky he never used the kitchen.

5. Third wheels are rarely happy.

Don’t ever room with a couple, you’ll be outnumbered in every argument. And when they fight the entire apartment turns into a war zone.

4. A hard truth for your shower drains.

That women lose a ridiculous amount of hair! I lived with two women with 30 inch long hair.

Everything was good, but the hair really traumatized me!!

3. No one wants to learn that firsthand.

“Itching powder” is a thing. One put it all over my towel in the bathroom when we weren’t on speaking terms.

Broke out in a whole body hives. Made no retaliation. Moved out.

Wherever you are Ashley, eat s*%t.

2. Take your time.

Never pick a new roommate based on sudden time pressure, like a previous choice backing out. We had someone change their mind about joining our house share and decide to move back to their home country & we picked one of the other people we’d seen but who wasn’t a first choice, because we’d start to be responsible for that room’s rent in less than a month.

BIG MISTAKE – the guy we went with instead turned out to be a nightmare flatmate from hell, who stole from us, etc. & we had to conspire with the landlord to pretend that we were all getting evicted so that nightmare guy would move out. He left owing us over £800 in unpaid rent & bills and we were still just relieved to see the back of him.

Covering the rent for the empty room for a few more weeks while we looked for someone better in the first place would have been WAY cheaper and less stressful.

I was a long-term member of a houseshare and I picked people on the basis of explaining that we were friendly but did our own things & weren’t living in each other’s pockets, that there was an expectation to keep the noise down at night or the neighbours would complain, that we kept common areas clean, etc. & I would also imagine what the person would be like to have a disagreement with and whether they would be liveable with.

1. People can keep secrets.

sometimes you treat yourself to a brand new carton of expensive fancy almond milk and then it’s empty the next day but no one will say who drank it all

and even though you’re not the kinda person who gets angry at people for stuff that’s inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, you should probably start keeping it in your own mini fridge

Y’all, human beings are just something else, right?

What have you learned from living with others? We want you to drop your own best experiences in the comments!