16 Facts People Claim Always Bring Them Comfort

There are all kinds of facts in this world, and here at this website, we’ve read and shared more than our fair share of them. There are certain facts that work best on certain days, though, and sometimes what we need most is a little comfort.

When the world gets a little crazy, here are 16 facts people say always bring them a bit of comfort.

16. Crows scare me but they are cool.

Crows will let other crows know if you’re a good person. Feeding a crow in your backyard can quickly become many crows over time since the rumour spreads. And nearby crows in your area will know you as one they like.

They can also be known to be protective of you and even bring you gifts. Sufficed to say, crows are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet and they are truly underrated

15. That’s one way to look at it.

The vast majority of people with a first time seizure will never have another seizure again and will not need lifelong anti seizure medication. Everybody gets one freebie!

14. Good people are everywhere.

There is a group of bikers called bikers against child abuse who support child abuse victims in court by looking tough and giving the kids confidence to testify against their abusers it’s actually an international group.

13. Definitely makes me smile.

The North Pacific humpback whale population is estimated to be 15x greater then it was 60 years ago.

12. What good buddies.

Zebras rest with their heads on each other’s backs so they can literally watch their zebra buddy’s back.

Plus it looks like a zebra hug.

11. It depends on how you define “luxury.”

A middle or even low income people in developed countries are living a much more comfortable life than the richest people centuries or even millennia ago, in large part thanks to modern medicine making death from a mere infection no longer a near guaranteed death.

I am dirt poor but my ancestors- not to mention plenty of people alive today- would be amazed at the luxuries I have.

Clean running water whenever I want, even to bathe in. Indoor plumbing. Clean clothing in mere hours instead of days of back breaking work. Food available year round and fresh veg and fruit out of season.

10. It’s aptly named.

Jupiter has been protecting earth from almost every stray asteroid strike coming in from out of the solar system since the planets first formed.

9. Try not to panic.

Nurse here.

If you’re having a general anaesthetic for a routine operation, and worried about dying while under, please be aware there are about 7 different “levels” of stuff we can do to bring you back.

So if the thing we normally do doesn’t work, we’ve got plan B, then we’ve got plans C, D, E, F, G& H. ( and we rarely need to even go to Plan C, let alone the rest!)

It’s ridiculously rare for you to never wake up from a routine op, of course it happens occasionally, but for every case you’ve heard about it happening, there’s THOUSANDS of identical operations where it didn’t. I’ve been qualified 15 years and it’s literally never happened anywhere I’ve worked.

8. More bird love!

Parrots (specifically Cockatiels) will raise their wings when they see someone/thing they love.

When looking from behind, their raised wings resemble a heart.

7. Bees are just so cute.

the pollen that bees collect on their legs as they pollinate flowers are called pollinator pants!!! so next time you see bees hard at work, take a look at their legs, and you might be able to see the pants depending on how much they’ve pollinated 🙂

6. Fingers’ crossed it keeps going.

The ozone layer is slowly repairing itself.

Let me make it even more comforting: it’s not just magically repairing itself on its own, it’s repairing itself because humanity came together and worked to fix the problem.

5. A sweet little chat.

You can talk to your pet rabbit by quickly pushing your lips downwards and upwards as if you were trying to look up your nose in a mirror.

Do it quickly and you’re chatting.

It mimics the nose movements they make and you can see them wiggle their noses faster out of interest. Copy their rhythm to and watch them talk back.

Also, stomping your foot like they do as well as turning your back on them when annoyed is understood too. If they have chewed something they shouldn’t have you can stomp one foot and turn around with your arms folded. Have a look over your shoulder to make sure they see you.

They should come to check on you and if they don’t stomp and make sure they see your back is turned. Eventually they get it and come over to make sure your ok. Then let the nose waggling commence.

You can expect them to do the same to you as well, like when you clean their enclosure.

4. It’s never too late.

If you quit smoking by age 40, your life expectancy is the same as a non-smoker.

Also: it’s never too late to quit.

3. There are good people everywhere.

I once found a ladybug in my room in the middle of winter. I tried to look up if I could feed it somehow, and found countless other people asking the same question.

The world is full of people who have compassion enough to feed a lone bug in the winter.

2. Still flying free.

In 1987 they captured all of the 27 California condors in an area in California, and proceeded to breed them in order to bring back the species. They released most of them later, and now, roughly 127 are flying free in the the state of California.

Not the biggest improvement, but it’s something.

1. That man was a gem.

All of the cardigans Mister Rogers wore on camera were knit by his mother.

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy I’ve read all of these now, too.

What’s your favorite comforting fact? Please share it with us in the comments!