16 People Share Their Absolute Favorite Thing To Touch

As a parent, I feel like I hear a lot about “sensory kids” and “sensory issues,” especially when it comes to eating and foods. That said, it seems to be a very human thing to gravitate toward certain tastes and smells, textures and so on.

It makes sense, then, that a majority of folks would have a favorite thing to touch – and I’m super interested to hear what these 16 people say are theirs.

16. I don’t know about that.

New, fresh, virgin socks.

Stiff and crispy the next day.

15. It’s cathartic.

Deflating risen dough. It’s soft and squishy.

And punchable.

14. Why though?

My computer mouse.

13. Ahhh, so good.

A cold pillow.

There’s this kind of pillow that if you touch it with your warm hands, it acts like a window when it’s foggy. The shape of your hand appears.

It’s so f**king cool, but I forget what it’s called…

12. It’s a precious time.

My dog for the 15 minutes he lasts clean and soft right after a bath, before he finds a dirt patch to roll over.

11. Hard agree.

Rubbing your hand across buzzed hair is pretty cool, it just ripples with little cool hair sharpness.

I shaved my hair 2 years ago (as a girl who’s had long hair all my life) and I couldn’t stop rubbing my own head 24/7.

10. George Costanza has entered the chat.

My dogs ears, they’re soft and velvety and he loves it and snugs into me so it’s win-win.

Velvet. I’d drape myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable.

9. Like a butt you can eat.

Jello. Love to slap it and watch it jiggle.

8. Whatever blows your skirt up.

I like to put cold things like cords between my toes and fingers. The heat from my hands/feet on the cold cord is something I’m addicted to.

No idea where I picked it up.

7. There’s always gotta be one.

Everything I’m not supposed to touch.

6. It really is.


So relaxing.

5. It’s such a task, though!

My legs after I shave and lotion them.

Freshly shaved legs on cold bed sheets!

4. Like a hug you can wear.

Pulling warm clothes out of the dryer, especially since they smell so good. Occasionally, if I’m pulling out a sweater or something, I’ll immediately put it on, just to feel the warmth.

Also dress copies of paper. They come out all warm.

3. Basically clean sheets.

Cold, fresh bed sheets after a hot shower.

Hot bedsheets fresh out of the dryer.

When I was a kid, whenever we changed bedsheets during winter, my mom would iron them on low-temp after putting the sheets on the mattress, and goddamn, going to sleep with pre-warmed, recently ironed bed sheets was the best.

2. Get a grip, people.

Those extremely soft blankets that you find at Target. You know the kind I’m talkin’ about. My cat & I both love to “knead” them, it’s nice quality time.

Edit: No, I don’t take my cat TO the store. I buy it & bring it home ya’ dorks.

Please use Google. They’re called Fleece throw-blankets where I am, but they may be called something else in your location.

I’m also turning off notifications for this post/comment. Thank you.

1. Good kitty.

My cat.

Mine greets me by rolling on her back and flopping around, and I can safely rub her belly. I hope she never grows out of it.

These are so tactile and they make me want to run my fingers over the actual objects.

What’s your favorite thing to touch? I’m not obsessed with this topic so tell me in the comments!