16 Things People Deserve All The Scorn In The World

There are some things in this world that get a lot of hate but no one can really figure out why…and then there are things that everyone despises and only people we definitely don’t trust would ever defend them.

These 16 people say these things fall into the latter category, so take a look and see whether or not you agree!

16. Not the blankie!

The person who stole my blanket when I left it at the laundry

15. It makes you sick.

Child abusers.

The story recently in the UK of the couple who filmed themselves putting cigarettes out on their child, starving and hitting him… He eventually died…. Broke my f**king heart.

When they described how this 6 year old boy would just cry saying “Nobody loves me”over and over on camera while his parents hit him and taunted him with food….

Sometimes a life prison sentence isn’t long enough

14. A thankless job.

Animal abuse.

When I was a kid I wanted to be an animal cop so bad but then realized there’s many situations I’d literally have to leave a warning and walk away, then the next time I’d be back that animal would be dead or the person moved/fled.

Then people lying in court about it would piss me off and I know I’d get myself into trouble. Abusers are scum.

13. The combination is the worst.

Double ads on YouTube.

Long unskippible double ads. That play in the middle of the video.

12. At least they shouldn’t be.

Childrens beauty contests.

“Children’s beauty pageants are an American tradition… but not a proud one.”

11. Especially if they’re fleecing old people.


I actually hung on the line with one of those calls long enough to talk to a real person and he starts off with “OK let me get your vehicle information” and I replied “You called me, shouldn’t you have my vehicle information?”

They hung up lol.

10. Specific, but not unwarranted.

Publishers that put microtransactions for non-cosmetic items in their games.

Every now and then I get the urge to skim through the free games section of Steam.

Dozens upon dozens of mmos that a 2 minute google search shows all come loaded with subscription services, paid content, paywalls, and the like.

9. Also the ticks.

Bed bugs, they don’t even serve any purpose in the food chain really.

8. Say it with me.

Ill always say it, Nestlé.

They don’t deserve the hate they get. They deserve 10X the hate they get.

7. Everyone hates you so just go away.


6. It’s a mess.

Shrinkflation (the sneaky method of reducing product sizes instead of raising prices in order to increase profit)- way worse than straight-up price rises in my opinion.

At least price rises are clear.

The truly terrible thing is now product sizes are getting smaller AND raising their prices. It’s a shrinkflationflation.

5. Feel the dread.


In 2019 I paid for two tickets to see Hall & Oates with my dad.

Paid $80 to sit in the grass at the amphitheater (seats were like $100/each and I couldn’t afford that) plus $40 processing.

Then Covid happens. H&O cancels the show. Ticketmaster’s response was basically “no refunds because there’s a chance they could still play their date” despite the band posting everywhere their apologies for having to cancel. Months later I get refunded. $80.

With their processing fee I paid for essentially 3 tickets and only refunded the price of the 2 alone.

4. They have to be trolling us.

Five Minute Crafts.

Personally I think that they’re deliberately making their ‘hacks’ as outrageous as possible to get free promotion in the form of hate watchers and reaction channels.

3. It should be illegal.


The thing I find most infuriating is that people when talking about Scientology don’t actually talk about the most insidious thing they do.

They target the mentally ill to make money. I couldn’t give a f**k if 99% of Hollywood was sucking the d*%k of whichever jerk is currently at the head of the Church of Scientology.

I do however care that they actively push the mentally ill away from treatment, claiming that there’s nothing wrong with the person and the treatment is the thing making them worse.

I’ve watched more than one person go down that trail, and it’s sickening.

They can fleece the rich all they want, f**k em. Don’t pick on the weakest in society.

2. They just suck. *ducks*


I’m generally not one for speciocide, but…

1. They don’t do anything but cause harm.

Westboro Baptist Church.

So growing up, we lived in Topeka for a few years. My mom made t-shirts that said “Beautify Topeka” with “Fred” in a red circle with a line through it. For those who are unaware, Fred Phelps was the patriarch. She would give them out for free across from where they would protest.

Once, she wrote a letter to the paper talking about what a POS he was, and he sent a “letter of accommodation” to our house. Sort of a “I know where you live, b*%ch” power play. But he was unaware my mom has bigger balls than anyone I know.

She edited his grammar and spelling with red pen, and sent it back to him in a “f**k you, I don’t care” power move.

We never heard from him again.

I think it’s hard to argue with this list.

What else belongs on it? I know you’ve got some contributions for the comments!