15 People Recall Something They Hated As a Kid But Have Come to Appreciate As an Adult

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Brussels sprouts. My grandparents (too much?).

Creamed corn can still go straight to Hades, though.

What are some things that five-year-old you wouldn’t believe adult you likes? The 15 people below have some doozies!

#15. It was a blessing.

“Being sent to my room was a blessing that I couldn’t appreciate.”

#14. All the greens!

“Brussel sprouts! Green beans! Spinach! Give me all the greens!”

#13. Why is that?

“Mushrooms… they are delicious now, but disgusting as a kid!”

#12. So creative.


It gets you so creative.’

#11. I couldn’t understand it.

“Just sitting and talking. As a kid, I couldn’t understand why grown-ups in my family would sit around and talk when there’s a tree to climb in the backyard, or a bunch of kids to play tag with, or get out our toy guns and play cops and robbers, or get out our G.I. Joe’s and fight enemies from wars we barely knew anything about or……”

#10. I love these moments.

“Time for myself. Holy shit I fucking love these moments.”

#9. All I want for Christmas.

“Getting clothes as gifts, holy shit. It pissed me off to no end to get crap like jeans for Christmas and now all I want is for my dad to buy my clothes, because I sure as shit don’t want to.”

#8. I grind my own beans.

“Coffee. I used to loathe the taste of coffee, but now I grind my own beans every morning to make an extremely potent cup that I drink black.”

#7. Classic.

“Some of the novels I had to read for English class I found boring but later on, realize why they are so good and why they are classics.”

#6. Road trips ftw.

“Long car rides.”

#5. A little sleep


I’m at work right now and if someone told me I could go to a room and there would be a cot for me to rest for one hour in the dark i’d probably cry.”

#4. Family.

“Family. As you get older you recognize the sacrifices or lessons your family figures gave to you. I’m in my later 20s and grandparents, family friends, neighbors are starting to pass. You can always have those memories and keep their spirit alive. Happy New Year!”

#3. Only when I have to.

“Being inside. As a kid all I wanted to do was go outside and play soccer. Now I only go outside when I have to.”

#2. Clean or live in squalor.


i hated cleaning. now i’ve got my own wife/kids and its either clean or live in squalor.”

#1. A strained relationship.

“The colour yellow.

When I was back in school, we had these little shared bowls of cheap crayons- the kind that came in a big jumbo box with no wrappers on them. As a result of being used by about 6 young kids at a time, the colours knocked off eachother and, as a result, each crayon had specks of the other colours on it. It barely made a difference with the dark colours but yellow, being the lightest colour, always had ugly muddy smudges of reds and greens and blues on it. As a blonde creative person who needed yellow to have a half decent representation of my hair, this gave me and yellow a strained relationship.

When I was a preteen, I discovered Harry Potter and strongly identified as a Hufflepuff. I started associating yellow, the house colour, with the warm, cosy, wholesome things in life. Loyalty, the feeling of falling asleep in summer with your window open and awaking to sunrays shining on your face, my favourite cardigan. It’s now my absolute favourite colour and I will fight for it.”

Kid me is so, so excited that we’re able to write for a living. I’m sure of that.