15 People Remember Times They Did Really Silly Things Just to Prove They Could Do It

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I’ll show you!

Sometimes, that’s something you usually don’t want to hear OR say in life.

Because you know it’s going to end with someone doing something that is dumb, risky, and potentially dangerous.

The question posed to people was, “What is the stupidest thing you’ve done just to show you could do it?”

Let’s dive into some true stories from AskReddit users.

1. Not smart.

“My friends and used to have those breathing contests in the pool where you’d go underwater and see who could hold in their breath the longest.

I’m a really competitive person so of course I won. I passed out in the pool when I was 9 doing this. The lifeguard was too busy flirting to care and he thought I was faking it.”

2. I remember it well…

“Played that stupid fucking 5 finger filet game with a compass back when I was in school.

As I got more confidence I obviously got faster and inevitably the point went right into the side of my finger tip.

Fucking idiot.”

3. The worst!

“Walked through the brush of our treeline to get a football to prove it wasn’t poison ivy. I did it. I got the football.

It was poison ivy.”

4. A painful lesson.

“I told my 6th grade friends I could just off a two story roof and not get hurt.

Guess who only got a scraped knee that day? Not me.

I broke my leg.”

5. Smooth move!

“I let a black widow spider bite me to prove that they were venomous but not deadly.

I also won a $150 bet.”

6. Stabbed!

“I stabbed my leg with a pencil in elementary school.

I told people I couldn’t really feel much pain (which, at the time, was true).

There was a spot on my leg from the lead for years.”

7. The sandwich.

“A buddy bet I couldn’t finish the spiciest chicken sandwich at this joint known for insanely spicy chicken in under 30 minutes.

I knew I fucked up when they gave me gloves to eat the sandwich so the sauce couldn’t touch my skin and made me sign a waiver.

Won the bet, but really I lost in the end.”

8. Too many doughnuts…

“Won a doughnut eating contest.

In 10 minutes I ate about 17 doughnuts, and seconds before the time was up and I had all my thoughts set on having a hearty cleansing puke a motherfucker who wasn’t even taking part yelled that throwing up afterwards should disqualify you.

Somebody counted that I took in a few days worth of calories. My appetite came back two days after.”

9. That sounds like it hurt. A lot.

“Cliff diving, saw a old man do a front flip off a 40 foot cliff. I said if he can do it, so can I.

I did the flip alright, followed by a belly flop that Zeus could hear.

Knocked the air out of me, but luckily people were floating near by to save my dumb ass.”

10. Tried to impress your crush.

“I was learning MMA for 3 months when some guy challenged me to a fight I immediately accepted it because I wanted to impress my crush by beating him.

Turns out he was a national champion and was in the state for a MMA tournament.

I got my ass kicked for solid 3 rounds.”

11. Probably not worth it.

“I downed half a 5th of Jager in one go because everyone said “I could not do it”. Ended up falling in a river outside my apartment having a smoke mid winter in Michigan.

Washed down about a quarter mile before I could grab onto something to get out. Made my way back home. Nobody had any idea until I walked in soaking wet in frozen clothes. It was about that time I passed the f out on the floor.

Looking back they probably should have taken me to hospital.”

12. I double-dog dare you!

“Stuck my tongue to a metal pole on the playground in the dead of winter.

To my credit, I had not yet seen “A Christmas Story” and my friends older brother had just said “don’t put your tongue on that” and not in a warning tone. More of a “you won’t” tone.

We all now know what the result is when you put a tongue to a metal pole in the dead of winter.

My tongue instantly stuck to the pole. I was stunned. To make matters worse the morning recess bell rang. In a panic I grabbed my tongue and ripped it off. Blood was everywhere.

Fast forward a quick trip to the hospital and I got to eat pudding for a week straight.”

13. Edge of the roof.

“There comes a point in every (drunk) man’s life where he finds himself standing on the edge of a precipice (apartment building roof) staring into the distance at glory (a fucking tree) separated from him by a challenge (a three story fall).

The weak man will shrug his shoulders. slink back to safety, and carry on with his night as if he never glimpsed what could have been. But the bold (stupid) man will look across the chasm and see the greatness that awaits him on the other side.

He will stride to the edge, hand off the extra reserve of courage (beer) that he no longer needs for what must be done. He will stare into the heavens and proclaim into the night “I can jump that far!”

It turns out that I could not jump THAT far.”

14. Totally worth it.

“Drank a block of molten butter ouf of a funnel you normally use for beer. It goes down surprisingly easy but I was sick for the rest of the day.

At least I got a beer and a new block of butter as compensation…”

15. Disgusting.

“One of my former co-workers told us about the time he ate a tub of butter on a dare. He made it about half way through and had to throw up. He said what came out was neon yellow. For the next month, the smell of butter made him gag and when he perspired, he could still smell it.

You’d think he’d learn but he attempted the butter tub challenge a second time. This time, he paced himself and actually finished the whole thing! He said the fuck up though was eating it before having to catch a train.

While he was waiting, his heart was racing and he felt so amped up, he did pushups and jumping jacks at Penn Station.”

Yeesh…some people…

Have you ever done something really foolish just to prove you could do it?

If so, please tell us all about it in the comments. Thanks!